Zhao Benshan and Cecilia Cheung both fell into the whirlpool of public opinion

recently, Zhao Benshan and Cecilia Cheung both fell into the whirlpool of public opinion! Media reports, Zhao Benshan bursts lean 30 pounds, has been in the garden of Chinese cabbage, Liu Wan, also to teach the disciples to return to their own do not want fame. Recently, the Hongkong entertainment mogul Charles Heung couple shelling Cecilia Cheung Poser, even threatened never hired Cecilia Cheung, as everyone knows, Charles Heung and Chen Lan couples to too holding a red Cecilia Cheung, once more to the to Cecilia Cheung, did not think of now coming against. Look, Zhao Benshan and Cecilia Cheung the father, it is Similarly afflicted people pity each other. ah! Below we have a look, Zhao Benshan and how Cecilia Cheung became the father! 2011 year in August 12th, Zhao Benshan in the rain on his private plane to Xiangshan to meet Cecilia Cheung, Cecilia Cheung also became the first invited by Zhao Benshan on his private plane of female star, is the first by a special plane to attend the business activities of the Chinese female artists. Zhao Benshan and Cecilia Cheung two people although it is the first time we met, but we talk. Zhao Benshan said Cecilia Cheung is a strong woman, very admire her, and now she is not a monopoly. Speaking of lion’s roar 2 abandon paid guest performances, Zhao Benshan said: compared to the money, I think friendship is more important, Bai Zhi now encountered difficulties, as a friend, I am sure is to the best of your ability. Cecilia Cheung is happy to say, oneself and Zhao Benshan are father daughter phase: a see according to the teacher feel particularly warm, my heart feel very warm, I feel I and the teacher especially father of phase. 8 month 16 days, and Zhao Benshan knew less than a week Cecilia Cheung, zero fee Liu Laogen appeared the opening ceremony. A white dress Cecilia Cheung gentle moving, sweet smile, seems to have come out of the shadow of the failure of the marriage. as the Zhao Benshan invited to come to the guests, Cecilia Cheung full enjoyment of the Queen treatment, exclusive deluxe rooms, 6 bodyguard, strive for full. The ceremony and seated front row center position, and Zhao Benshan and Tsui Hark tied up and sitting. The opening ceremony is the biggest bright spot is that night, Zhao Benshan has invited Cecilia Cheung, Zhang Ziyi together with the opener, and four for the first time with the evening activities also put up to a climax. The media have flocked to the bustling, shooting. The opening ceremony of the red carpet, Cecilia Cheung also specially bare back, wish the Liu Laogen club opening business. on the day of the opening ceremony, Zhao Benshan received Cecilia Cheung to have amusement for dry daughter this thing, Zhao Benshan smiled and asked, what do you say? Neither deny nor admit. not long ago, according to media reports, often and from Zhao Benshan Dongyang Ms. Chen said, Zhao Benshan hit the lack of soil, since Zhao Benshan was a serious illness, no matter what the occasion, Zhao Benshan will close with a jade. According to Ms Chen said, every time Zhao Benshan will entrust them to select some exquisite jade jewelry ornaments for him in Dongyang Hengdian movies, Zhao Benshan is