when he and 10 other Xingwen County’s brother

Original title: Hongkong refused to buy Yibin tourism group travel accessories shop on suspicion of threatening tourists, said the circle is a mandatory requirement for consumers. Visitors said the man forced shopping circle query. Tourists to buy jewelry invoices. Offer to buy jewelry shopping news reporter Zhang Yong himself on the western front cover tourists still remember last October visit to Heilongjiang, to Hongkong tourists, because shopping was beaten to death. In this event, attracting a lot of attention, as well as low grouping, "zero cost" phenomenon in depth. But in the five one year on the eve of the holiday, many tourists from Sichuan to Yibin, once again refused to close the shop shopping "dark tour". Surprisingly, visitors said he made it clear that the refusal to shop, but also by the local tour guide abuse or
Nike Dunks Shoes threat of the title. In late April, male, Xingwen County, Yibin City, Sichuan Province, Wang lingai, said buy Cheap Nike Air Max LTD Womens Shoes online in Hongkong to participate in the "perfect Hongkong and Zhongshan Macao six days of quality i like Cheap Nike Air Max 2010 Womens Shoes tour", refused to force shopping, was the tour guide abusive. Over the age of 50 years, according to his story, when he and 10 other Xingwen County’s brother, jewelry stores in Hong Kong International Co., Ltd. crown, Inc. (hereinafter referred to
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Womens Nike Lab WMNS Air Max 90 SACAI 160128089he crown) when they say do not agree to buy the goods, guide Tian Wei (sound), a son of bitch "and" liar ". Wang Lin claimed that he and the team i like air max shoes of three women: Li Xia (50 years old), the team captain Zhang Lan (48 years old), Zhang Lan’s daughter small gold (28 years old) was also beaten by Tian wei. But in the field of
http://trainersone.com/Blog/cheap-jordan-shoes-china-offer-dress-style.html video and photos taken by the tour guide forced to delete. What kind of Hongkong and Macao tourism, tourism, in the end what happened? Low price temptation group "380 yuan tour Hongkong, Macao 11 group of 48 year old Zhang Lan in Xingwen opened a perfect (China) daily necessities store. The company every year to organize the local old customers to visit the company in Guangdong, Zhongshan. In March this year, Zhang through travel agencies in Shenzhen, Hongkong and Macao travel agencies, to buy air max shoes online hear the price of 380 yuan to provide. Zhang Lan very moved, want to take advantage of this opportunity, with old customers to Zhongshan, to Macao tourism, travel to Hongkong. Wang Lin, Li Xia, Bai Yan, Zhang Lan and old customers, the company has become the perfect white Hongyan direct sales staff. For the trust, the three i like Cheap Nike Air Max LTD Womens Shoes agreed to Zhang Lan 2000 yuan, and then returned to the back. Zhang Lan told reporters that she received 2000 yuan, mainly for the payment of round-trip air tickets and travel expenses. So, Zhang Lanxiang 9 people charged 2000 yuan per person, plus her and her daughter, 11 people formed a perfect Hongkong six day tour, Zhongshan, Macao. Mr. Zhang said, with the travel agency in buy Cheap Nike Air Max 2010 Womens Shoes online Shenzhen travel agency business sector, not only has a verbal contract. Zhang Lan has
Nike Lab WMNS Air Max 90 SACAI Women Shoes set up a WeChat group in the information tourism group. But the 50 year old white rock will not use WeChat. Wang Linbai also said the WeChat era Hongyan, did not see the information." Perfect Macao six day tour, Zhongshan, Hongkong, April 16th, Chongqing car fly to Guangzhou, from Guangzhou to Shenzhen car. Unexpected "dark trip" and "at least $1500 in consumption,.