what country is not the money. Many people he actually do not understand

Xu Shaolin: the collar should not thank the government for the government to thank the party should thank their p Phoenix
http://trainersone.com/Blog/air-max-china-has-refined-the-shoes-for-the-specifications.html Bo report: a reference to solve the pension gap, compensate for the lack of pension issues, some experts hit workers idea, a lot of people to improve pensionable age dissatisfaction, don’t think of any other way the? Xu Shaolin: I don’t agree with the one size fits all approach. Should the old man to take the old way, new methods. Must
Dennis Rodman Shoes be 65 years old before the collar, this approach is certainly a lot of ordinary workers, people are not satisfied. Phoenix News: why do we have to pay these workers to make up for it? Let these workers to make up for your hole, not that you buy air max shoes online take what to make up for the national policy? p Xu Shaolin: let the insurance called social insurance, and the Commonwealth countries, the kind of money by the state finance insurance is not the
Scotty Pippin Shoes same, our social insurance countries basically do not take money, mainly laborer and unit of choose and employ persons, this part of the money
Chris Paul Shoes together as a big pension fund, i like Cheap Nike Air Max LTD Womens Shoes by the government to control, may the government slightly subsidies
Mens Chris Paul 7 Black Red, but most of the money is unit and individual dig is our own money, what country is not the money. Many people he actually do not understand, the pension will thank the party, thanks to the government, in fact, this money is your own, you thank who ah? Zhou Xiaozheng: This is an old problem, originally called a box separated, in the planned economy under the box, where there is a bar. Now is a contradiction of the marketing plan, can not be
http://followmy.tv/u/arnoldruth805 said to national social security matter, also cannot say without the laws of the market, so this is a transitional process, but I say as long as there is a sensible person, he is the idea of fairness and justice, soon is solved. Phoenix Bo newspaper: some time ago to mention a buy Cheap Nike Air Max 2010 Womens Shoes online very hot pension into the city, the pension for the risk of the i like Cheap Nike Air Max 2010 Womens Shoes market, we are very worried that if lost how to do? Xu Shaolin: in order to obtain higher returns, we must assume a certain risk, why pension into the city put on the agenda? Is because the original return is too low, the original is not allowed to enter the market is to take into account the risk, it can only deposit banks, and too low. Now the pension deficit wanted to be able to run behind one’s expenses, the existing funds to revitalize, engage in investment. Of i like air max shoes course, the pension market, buy Cheap Nike Air Max LTD Womens Shoes online there should be a strict risk control mechanism, but it can not be a little risk. Phoenix Bo newspaper: Zhou teacher you agree with the pension into the city? Zhou Xiaozheng: certainly not in favor of the stock market, the pension market will change radically, who lost? If pension has lagged behind, such as my pension, until I lost, lost me dead, by what the father of debt also, so that pension market is too absurd. Inflation is not linked to the end of the year, inflation, debris and so up 3%, the pension also rose 3% per year, can not be said that after decades of pension, the money into a pile of waste paper, and this is the key. Xu Shaolin: I’m in favor of the pension market, investment diversification also