Wen Feng Ling in the face of all kinds of problems existing in China

Wen Feng Ling in the face of all kinds of problems existing in China, some scholars have put forward a variety of solutions. The history professor of Tsinghua University, Qin Hui, a famous scholar in recent years, has been repeatedly stressed in the book and interview, the Chinese people to the government to benefit is a viable way of social peace transformation. For example, in a recent titles as Chinese citizens should be to the government to welfare interview, Professor Qin Hui again said: China is still way out gradual transformation of peace, the essence of which is nothing more than two points: one is to restrict the government’s power; second people to vigorously to the government to welfare. To do these two points, the ideal of constitutionalism and democracy will come. p Qinhui professor is respected scholars, the welfare claims also produced extensive influence in the society, but if this as a social change strategy, the author cannot agree. first, social transformation professor Qin Hui said, restricting public power is fundamental, welfare is i like lebron james 2016 not necessary. Professor Qin Hui knows discount kids air jordan shoes this, so he first mentioned is the limited government, foll
Mens Air Jordan 7 AAA Size US 16 Black Red Greenowed by the But in fact, if you can effectively limit the power of the government, why superfluous to welfare? Qinhui professor talked about the Polish solidarity, for example: we are saying that Poland’s Communist Party is very openminded, Poland’s
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http://www.tuangou1743.com/news/html/?790.html in nine years before the change, is to resign. Why? Because old people has been with in the back, old people
Mens Air Jordan Size US 14.15 nor with the government to privatize, also do not have to market economy, he is to welfare, and to him, he won’t be able to thank the government, the government taxes, old people and manufacturing all kinds of obstacles, so more and more difficult to taxes. by this if we can see, Poland solidarity can legally exist for a long time, it speaks for itself that the Communist Party of Poland and the government’s power is not unlimited, but restricted by the. And the people i like air jordan shoes men of Poland can successfully prevented the government taxes, which means to restrict the powers of the government, and is the most basic is the one of the key power, tax the right. In addition, people to welfare, the government should respond, this also proves
Air Jordan 3 Men Size US 14.15 that i love jordan nubuck men at least to some extent, the Poland government is accountable to the people’s government. Under these conditions, people even do not welfare, and to request the government security of individual rights, review of government spending to limit i love cheap jordans wholesale government power, might not be successful, welfare is one might not be the best choice. As for the history of British and American social transformation, it is with limited rights especially the right to tax related restrictions and benefits, to do. second, Professor Qin Hui also understand that welfare is not a necessary condition of social transformation, the reason put forward welfare strategy, in order to facilitate the act, since that is in this direction.