this is a revered as the God Chinese No

this is a revered as the God Chinese No. second, and later was listed as the No. 1 non God ghost, ghost, as if never, ended up being a ghost word covers people. This is a 24 year old when army colonel, company commander, battalion commander, Colonel, from teachers, when to the field army commander, defense minister, and often wears several hats such as the Anti Japanese military and political university president and the commissar, northeast Bureau Secretary, military commander and political commissar of the northeast, the Northeast Field Army commander, in addition to the vice commander. never a deputy people. This is a party and military history without him, some historical facts will speak not understand, will appear blank, it will leave a mark, and then increasingly arouse people to explore the psychological curiosity, people. This is a time to face, and dare to face, trying to avoid, it is hard to avoid, light not heavy, not deep, not shallow, not, slightly cautious will cause trouble, has been dead for 40 years, is still very sensitive people. This is a lot of talk about a people privately, said the world there are many rumors, now gradually began to objectively in the history of the balance of people. Who knows, the man’s name was Lin Biao. Mao Zedong said: before 1949, Lin Biao is more than a reactive for Chinese revolution. Jiang Jieshi said: Lin Biao is the devil war. Stalin said: Lin Biao is invincible commander in chief. heard the news of Lin Biao’s death, in the Great Hall of the people in the Premier Zhou Enlai nearly a lifetime only public cry bitter tears, crying in the corner, for twenty minutes, and Jiang Jieshi Strait also shed tears of pain and sigh. Lin Biao generally only military, map reading every day, Luo Ronghuan called the key doctrine, Lin Biao speaks only point. 1 Lin Biao was invited to speak the course of Marxism and Leninism Party School in Yanan, we are prepared to record the Anti Japanese hero’s teachings, many people are ready to pen and paper, but Lin Biao came just said one sentence: capitalism is a few people get rich, communism is the people rich, finished, said the end of the rostrum, all terrified. 2 in Tashan blocking in the war, our army suffered heavy casualties, Cheng Zihua Xiang Linbiao report damage, after Lin Biao listens, human opponent said calmly: tell Cheng Zihua, I don’t want his casualty figures, as long as I am the tashan. 3 in the west of Liaoning and wipe out the war, our army force structure disrupted, command problems, men reported to Lin Biao, Lin Biao after hearing the same said calmly: messy I no matter, find Liao Yaoxiang on the line. 4 in sixty, Vietnamese leaders ask Lin Biao how to win the victory of the war in Vietnam, Lin Biao from the mouth just spit out the one word: boil.