the National People’s Congress on behalf of the people should do things. No don’t go to the Hom

Nanjing Xinhua April 27th Xinhua (Chen Jieqi king) in order to allow workers to live better, he was in the most difficult time, the enterprise must also give workers a raise, workers… As the National People’s Congress, the village cadres, he will be on the business to his son, and agreed to a year of profit, and do something about it. With his help, 16 poor students to complete their studies, 13 families due to the normal life of poverty, nearly ten years has invested more than 100 million 7 thousand to the public welfare undertakings. He is deputy director of the Zhenjiang Municipal People’s Congress, Zhenjiang Yao Qiao Town Red Village village committee, appropriate music community construction buy Cheap Nike Air Max LTD Womens Shoes online team leader Zhao Renyi. Over the years, he conscientiously perform their duties, practice, people choose me when I was a representative of the people, the oath of the flash. With Zhao Renyi walking in the community life of the waiter’s masses, ears will ring, goodbye, goodbye, residents buy Cheap Nike Air Max 2010 Womens Shoes online and simple greetings, Zhao Renyi’s top rating. Since 2008, grassroots cadres and the National People’s Congress, Zhao Renyi no rhetoric, only in their work and their job performance robust, he on the i like Cheap Nike Air Max 2010 Womens Shoes masses of the commitment, with their own practical action to practice, in the village cadres and ordinary songs unique… " Said that peop
Mens Lebron James 13 Shoes 160111099le should do good, good people, it is easy to say, it is difficult to achieve. However, in our here, as long as looking at Zhao Renyi, we know how to do, how to be a good man." Zhu theory in the eyes of the residents of Zhao Renyi, as everyone’s "waiter" in general, everyone’s care and care. He cited an example, at the beginning of April, his neighbor Wang because lying at home, traffic accidents, action inconvenience, without care, coupled with difficulties in
Merrell Shoes family life, can not be timely treatment. Zhao Renyi after the relevant circumstances, sent him to the hospital for the first time treatment. Zhao Renyi’s kindness touched by neighbors Wang driving behavior, we began to spontaneously go home to take care of him, and began to raise medical expenses for him. Such a person is driven by a group of people to do a good example, a lot of popular light village extended Red Road, Zhao Renyi, led by 5 million yuan donations, and called for the future of the family and the benefits of doing things. In his car, the villagers you a thousand, five thousand I, quickly raise 2 in recent years 00000 yuan, Zhao Yi has been rated as love "star of Zhenjiang City, Central Plains Civilization make a list
Lebron James Shoes of them, come in i like air max shoes a throng of honor and praise. Zhao Renyi humbly said "I
Penny Hardaway Shoes just did a grass-roots cadres, the National People’s Congress on behalf of the people should do things. No don’t go to the Hom, life is hard. As long as we lend a helping hand, sincere help. "Less" is "communication" contact "was chosen buy air max shoes online as the National People’s congress. Zhao Renyi’s greatest feeling is: the people’s Congress, is a glorious title; on behalf of, this is a heavy responsibility. In his words, the work of the National People’s Congress is my profession. Zhao Renyi, Zhenjiang New District as the factory responsible person, the plant has a lot of things to deal with every day, but as long as there is time, Zhao Renyi holding the record of the i like Cheap Nike Air Max LTD Womens Shoes street lights