the milk to the main function of invigorating the lung and stomach

1, the milk to the main function of invigorating the lung and stomach, promoting secretion of body fluid, embellish bowel function, for yin deficiency, stomach pain, Jin Kui constipation have a good role. The study found that milk is very effective in treating peptic ulcer disease, constipation discount kids air jordan shoes etc Although milk has
Womens Air Jordan 14 Winter Style a good stomach efficacy, but experts remind: suffering from diarrhoea, spleen deficiency and dampness syndrome patients in daily life is not suitable for excessive drinking milk. 2, porridge porridge is easy to digest, especially rice pudding, which contains peanuts, almonds, sugar, Gauguin heat is more abundant, on the stomach is good. Fresh peanuts are rich in protein and fat, can effectively protect the stomach. 3 principles of stomach breakfast: easy to digest, anti stimulation, nutrition. Such as: egg soup, Eggdrop Soup, Boiled Egg, soybean, bean products, vegetables, fruits, etc Recommended recipe: 1 bottles of fresh milk or yogurt, half a pound of Yan Maizhou, steamed or Boiled Egg 1, fruits watermelon, banana or noodles. 3, the soup in addition to porridge has a good stomach efficacy, and a food also has the same stomach, it is soup. The soup is the best not because the broth, also contains large amounts o
Womens Air Jordan Future Low 11 White Bluef acidic substances in the broth, which is not conducive to the stomach. The best soup i love cheap jordans wholesale is soup, like spinach, fans, egg soup and other. You can also join
Womens Air Jordan Future Low 11 in which some of the accessories, seasoning, such Yangwei efficacy will more obvious. 4, apple sweet, cool. Effect: Spleen Qi Yiwei, dryness. For less food with spleen, stomach yin deficiency, yin deficiency of stomach. 5 spinach, sweet and cool, nourishing Runzao, beneficial stomach, constipation. Therapeutic Materia Medica called benefit the five internal organs, through the stomach, Spinach can promote gastric and pancreatic secretion, increase appetite, help digestion; rich in cellulose can help the intestinal peristalsis and defecation favorable. In the face of what to eat stomach problems, also can amount to eat more spinach. But when eating spinach should pay attention to, because of the high oxalate content in spinach, excessive consumption would interfere with the body’s absorption of i like air jordan shoes men calcium. Therefore, in time to eat spinach should try to avoid and tofu, seaweed and other high calcium foods to eat the same, or in the cooking, the former light boil, remove the oxalic acid. 6, cabbage with strengthening the
Womens Air Jordan Shoes spleen and stomach, relieving spasm and pain, the role of detoxification swelling, heat and water, used for discount lebron james website heat induced frowsty, thirsty, sore throat, dysuria, eyes and ears are not clever, poor sleep, bad for the joints and abdominal pain disease. It contains vitamin C and other ingredients with pain and i love jordan nubuck men promote healing of ulcer. Cabbage is related to barley, dried tangerine peel, honey, with simmer can be used for the treatment of epigastric pain, abdominal distension and gastric and duodenal ulcer, and red bean, wax gourd, Bingtang stew cooked can benefits of water swelling. Loose stool and weak spleen and stomach should not eat. 7, Gui Yuan food litchi beauty, Zi Yi is good for longan. And humid lychee, longan can medicine, Yang Qi, warm i like lebron james 2016 the stomach spleen and other effects. 8, carrot taste of Gan Ping, the gas filling, and lienorenal, run stomach, Ann has the effect of the five internal organs, jianshi. Carotene can be 2