The market is never absolute

The market is never absolute, the future of the market who can not only accurate forecasts, you use what rules. Profit is not on your forecast winning in the market to obtain, but on you’re wrong when you as little as possible loss, you do the time you as much as possible to earn. You buy not to lose money, but to profit and profits as much as possible more: when the trend is advantageous to you must greed, let profit run; when
Lebron James 9 Shoes the trend is disadvantageous to you, stop the fantasy, to cut losses. What was clear market direction? Any time is not clear! Any time the market is to take their own gambling chips out, although many discount lebron james website friends never thought of himself in gambling, it is just that the probability of not only. In fact, who also don’t know what will happen tomorrow, go, trading is a bet, used to determine the price gambling uncertain profits, only when the risk of fatal comes from; when the controllable risk future worth to see. A mature trader does not think it has unique secret, even the most profitable trading strategies may i like air jordan shoes men have been open, bad street, resist without the tempt
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Lebron James 9 Shoes Women difference between winners and losers, the other without any secret. br gold, daily closed on under the shadow of the cross candle, and in front of the cross Yin similar, the only difference being discount kids air jordan shoes that the shock partial empty and shock too much difference. Daily turn positive stop 3 even Yin, in the strong market prices, general callback force must not exceed 3 negative column that are otherwise morphologically will turn for the disadvantaged. Now, however, the daily although seroconversion, socalled turning point is still not clear and definite, efforts did not, just rangebound, i love jordan nubuck men continuously testing resistance above 1217 line and below the support 1191 line. Then to see the interval 12171191, break the 1217 market continued upside, or increase in the form of regression. Instead, 1191 line is the key support, below the location to open the space for further correction, connection 10461263 Fibonacci 38.2 percent support in 1180 line, down to the more than 1180 to focus on the layout of more than a single! Also emphasized is that recent overall morphology and strong rise, this is an indisputable fact, before did not identify reversals should also then optimistic about this wave of strong rise, consider more should be how to further grasp the next wave of rising rather than see lightly reverse. Operation, continue to be optimistic about the person hold 1191 line early bullish, choose to wait and i love cheap jordans wholesale see, down the upward trend line support position to consider more than a single, or to break up and then take advantage of followup market! p crude oil, the daily closing entity Dayang column, straddle conversion upside again, then this week will continue to i like lebron james 2016 will be oversold bounce to the end. Hour lines, the overall market hierarchical upward, is not very strong, is also almost shock. Rose through the highs connecting 34.7633.54 downward trend line resistance, temporary and not recovery, so can not be too optimistic to call,
Lebron James 9 Shoes Men wait for a pullback to low chances. Operation, direction, again take advantage of long bullish position, low 26.0328.72 uplink connection