The application of distribution is the mobile Internet in addition to Mobile Games

The application of distribution is the mobile Internet in addition to Mobile Games, can be the first to get profit business, and not like Mobile Games that big water small income mode, application of distribution of water is equivalent to the truth gold silver. But the application of the distribution of the attention is not that large, the main reason for the user is concerned, they just by using distribution platform to obtain the application services, the interval of a layer, so the application of the store itself perception is not deep. but for the mobile Internet industry itself, the importance of application of distribution is needless. This is the entrance of mobile Internet, at least so far still account for the entrance leading, distribution ability, equivalent to the ability to control in mobile Internet layout strength. Application of distribution will transition to the service distribution of future, even all the Internet resource can be retrieved from, its strategic importance is not. the past one or two years, the situation of using distributed rendering centralized trend, distribution channels gradually concentrated in the hands of a few large companies. Several players only have i
Mens Air Jordan 14 Chalcedony AAA MJ14C3A05nvested heavily in the amount of resources and energy, to borrow a mobile internet roaming the east wind, as much as possible to capture the user and distribution volume. Now, with the user quantity and distribution bottlenecks of the upcoming application amount, distribution business to continue to maintain high growth momentum, only change the gameplay, thinking of a new path of development. Among them, the application of distributed social, should be one of the orientations are possible. since the beginning of this year, the status of application treasure within the company is rising continuously, at present has become a social networking application outside mobile terminal second fulcrum. Tencent will be scattered in the hands of Q, micro letter, browser, Qzone products such as distribution ability together made application of treasure, the purpose is to form a largescale centralized distribution business, get more progress in this field. In addition to COO Yuxin publicly known application of treasure is an important part of Tencent open platform components in the most active and fastest development, the most open, application of treasure or by Ma Huateng only mentioned products in Tecent Q3 earnings, foot shows its importance in Tencent in the system. Tencent released version 5 of the application of Bao in November 27th, this edition marks the opening of social distribution of the times. In the introduction of social relations, the application of treasure within each application can show the relationship between his chain in who’s in, how many people in the use of. Users do not know what the past good and suitable for their own applications, and in the app store within the recommended practices, but also makes the disadvantages of app store namely head features more obvious, the long tail is more difficult to get display application. Add social elements in the application of treasure, means that the future distribution will enter the Regal era, some local application will have more chance to head, the developers in the field of O2O mobile Internet business, will also play a powerful role in promoting. Application of in Bao 5 version policy