Telecom China characteristics of the rogue Telecom China characteristics of the rogue donews Liu Huafang China IT practitioners is very bitter

Telecom China characteristics of the rogue Telecom China characteristics of the rogue donews Liu Huafang China IT practitioners is very bitter, Chinese Internet Co is very tired, Chinese telecommunications company very rogue, Chinese netizen very vexed. The author lists several counts of telecommunications Netcom, only for your reference. 1 China Internet Co to spend more money to solve the problem that the communication between North and south, many enterprises and the webmaster to force foreign hire server to alleviate the . As the two large stateowned enterprises, telecom and Netcom thinking only of making money, never made any adjustment, really make people resent. Huyou netizen, the netizen when idiot. Some time ago, to people’s anger was a telecommunications Netcom reconciliation like what stuff, seemingly reconciliation, is actually exacerbate the monopoly, Huyou chinese! I live in city Ji’nan, false settlement after, Netcom will mark 40 yuan monthly, cancel the original , into a 50 yuan, the original 60 turned into a 80 yuan, this is the telecommunications Netcom tail big coo
Mens Air Jordan 14 AAA MJ14AAA01peration. The socalled reconciliation, in fact is to let each make three points, in order to implement the strategy of strengthening the monopoly, monopoly, seek profits, not the people grief. 2 Rogue push evil does not change. Now, Ji’nan, Shijiazhuang and many other places netizens responded strongly to the hooliganism, each big door did the relevant reports, but the telecommunications Netcom still put a pair of mountain king sitting posture, do it in a wap. this push without users permission, belongs to a serious violation of the law, is not to respect the netizen behavior, but also respect the contract, and trespassing a spell. The push behavior, as if the property company to open the antitheft door of residents, and then tell the residents: aunt, Cucumber 3 pound of hair to buy don’t buy? 3 occupation of local portal, XX against an opponent. Each local portal is not the webmaster not build strength, not the enterprise did not have the strength to build, but the webmaster and enterprise to fear the local telecom operators Shi Yin zhao. I have a friend in a business portal area, do is the best areas, far more than the , I do not really understand, perhaps routing end, may also be on the DNS. This behavior has almost become the unspoken rules, seriously hurt the Chinese Internet health harmonious development, destruction of Internet freedom and creativity. Really do like information harbor few, information port are mostly like the stall is, no quality. 4 executive pay is amazing, stateowned enterprises to high salary? In a wellknown domestic IT community to see that Netcom Tian salary of millions, if not estimates are also similar, pen