skipping to beat his son at the age of 10 Xiaobao

Video loading. Please wait… Auto play the scene: the mother of child abuse case in Nanjing before and after the release of 20163 18, Li Zhengqing interview. Beijing news network reporter Yin Yafei photo March 18, 2016, Nanjing, Andy and his mother rented home". Beijing news network i love cheap jordans wholesale reporter Li Zhengqing photo Yin Yafei and his son went out to play with the photos. Beijing news network reporter Yin Yafei photo original title: Li said that the mother of the child’s mother was released from prison after the abuse of the child in Nanjing. She is now a criminal. It is not known whether this is the appropriate do the child’s mother, "you and mom lived such a discount kids air jordan shoes long time, two mother you choose" Andy stone with his head down, stood next to the Li Zhengqing, two hand dig, not Ken said. When the child’s abuse becomes a situation, what is involved in the family? In the morning of March 13th 7:50, Changzhou Jiangsu women’s prison door on the left side of the door open, 51 year old Li Zhengqing out. Six months i love jordan nubuck men later, Nanjing child abuse case due to the release of the defendant released from prison. To get her out of jail, is his cousin Zhang Chuanxia and his son,
Lebron James Olympic Shoes Women Shi Xiaobao. Shi Xiaobao Zhang Chuanxia’s mother. Zhang Chuanxia suddenly fell on his knees and cried out, "my cousin, I’m sorry, Li Zhengqing!" Shi Xiaobao rushed forward to embrace Li Zhengqing, three people crying. Last March 31, in the family is cleaning and scraping, skipping to beat his son at the age of 10 Xiaobao (a pseudonym), resulting in back, legs and other parts, leaving i like air jordan shoes men a bloodstain. In September 30th of the same year, Li Zhengqing was sentenced to 6 months in prison for intentional injury. A year later, Shi Xiaobao returned to his mother Zhang Chuanxia. But he is no longer a simple living habits dull life, due to the long separation, he and his mother are very strange."
Lebron James Soldier 6 The children asked me to be in prison, and Li Zhengqing was eager to know that her thoughts had not changed. When child abuse incident, she met a lot of people, called her "evil mother" ". Before the incident, Li Zhengqing was a deputy director of the work of the media in Jiangsu reporter station, her husband is a commercial lawyer for 20 years. 2 members of Nanjing city i like lebron james 2016 are the typical middle class families. In Li Zhengqing and her husband had a failed marriage, the two divorced after the reorganization of the family. Li Zhengqing, who had a daughter last year, just graduated from a famous university in Nanjing, is discount lebron james website preparing for the postgraduate entrance examination. 4 years ago, Li Zhengqing returned to the rural areas of Anhui. At that time, cousin Zhang Chuanxia has three children, including 6 year old Shi Xiaobao. Zhang Chuanxia family life difficult, raising 3 children, Li Zhengqing proposed by Shi Andi." Our family condition is very poor, I have no knowledge, not teach them
Lebron James Olympic Low Top Men to learn. My cousin’s condition is good, two kinds of high level of culture, Andy will be in their own home to teach." Zhang Chuanxia said. At that time, Zhang Chuanxia told the child, he is Li Zhengqing, was sent to Anhui to live, because the work is busy, and now the family condition is good, so take him home." The children are very happy, jumped into the car to go to Nanjing." "I am a criminal, is no longer a baby in the eyes of the proud" reporter mother ", so long time no see, I have a baby? Although the child is 10 years old, Li Zhengqing used to call his son "baby" Qin