Shenhua open Gilo resignation letter: family reasons let me choose to leave the Shenhua in the official micro Bo wrote: is the time to open the letter a

Shenhua open Gilo resignation letter: family reasons let me choose to leave the Shenhua in the official micro Bo wrote: is the time to open the letter a. In October this year, coach Mr. guillos due to family reasons to Chairman, Mr. Wu Xiaohui expressed willingness to at the end of the season ahead of the end of the contract, and the translation forwarded this letter. Guillos and his team will tonight left Shanghai to return to France, the club once again to them this year hard work expressed the highest respect! Keywords: Shenhua boss Gilo i like air jordan shoes men resignation 0 city pride! Nanjing station large screen slogans he sainty win November 29, in the FA Cup second leg, Jiangsu sainty on the road through overtime Samir’s winning goal, 10 victory over Shanghai Shenhua, won the FA Cup for the first time. The win for parties concerned sainty rejoiced, the outer wall discount lebron james website of the Nanjing railway station on the big screen is hit slogan congratulations to the Jiangsu Shuntian won the FA Cup champion. Keywords: amp; shun fa cup champion 0 Shaanxi media warning Ma: while holding Hengda Su Ning don’t play a faction suspected defeats Shenhua and discount kids air jordan shoes won the
Mens Air Jordan 11 Low AAA Size US 14.15.16 White BlackFA Cup champion, Jiangsu sainty their own for many years to invest in professional football draw a perfect full stop, Suning took over the team almost is an indisputable fact. Therefore, Jiangsu sainty farewell ceremony has not yet ended, the next question i like lebron james 2016 is Suning will burn much money and Hengda together in the Super League and the AFC movers and shakers. Wait a minute, here it is necessary to remind the Suning and Chinese took over the sainty football association. If Suning joint disc sainty i love cheap jordans wholesale once become a fait accompli, then in the future of super, Guangzhou Hengda Taobao and took over the Jiangsu Shuntian Su Ning is the Football Association banned. Keywords: amp; season
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Air Jordan 11 Low AAA Men Size US 14.15.16 of care in June this year, the team the most difficult in hospital, Gilo has offered his resignation, the club refused on the spot. Talk about at that time that scene, club chairman Wu Xiaohui said original choice is correct, the rival Huanshuai is right, we have decided to not handsome also. First, on Gilo’s spirit, and with his ability. Our players i love jordan nubuck men up with Gilo. Gilo the team is how to work, we all see. Second, Gilo to the team brought about change. We think he is a content of the coach, to start a three game winning streak that is successful in his winter training. Keywords: amp; Shenhua Football League Cup 0 Ba won the FA Cup MVP who also refused to accept? Opponent leaned over and shook hands with him in Beijing time on November 29, the end of 2015 season, the FA Cup game, Shanghai Shenhua main
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