PS4 has been on sale for a long time

PS4 has been on sale for a long time, the noise has been attributed to silence, as if everything went right. But in the past, people pay little attention to the domestic game, but with the line of the host country market opportunities, a long time to find the sense of presence. In addition to the conference before the nine mans power and other works, recently confirmed, one of the rain of blood series of works shadow blade: mirage i.e. rain blood: a prequel through the audit, confirmation of PS4, in addition to Knight, Xuanyuan sword situation. Rumor: dome of Fei also has a message or confirmation will be landing in the host platform. at the same time, the new power of the domestic game also began to cut a striking figure, with the help of the game all the chips in the new fundraising methods, a large number of domestic independent games have emerged. In the mount point network at the PS developer contest all the chips, such as Li, shadow play and a number of creative design, with a strong flavor of the China game game player ‘praise. And making use of Unreal Engine 4 magic, is to be a famous producer Chen Xinghan appreciation. For a time, the domestic game limelight without the two, has been hitherto unknown attention to developers, the revival of the day will be near. The rainbow night raise A good domestic game situation at the same time, the game to raise public mode has attracted people’s attention. The congregation raised, also known as the capital, is a kind of to raising the masses to support individual or organization’s behavior, the game is to raise the public to show their creativity by the initiator of the game, launched a fundraising request to supporters through the Internet and social networking platform, with the game developer and operator, when a project is completed, the game product as the return or virtual surrounding. all the chips in the form of rise in foreign countries, and achieved satisfactory results in a very short period of time. The most famous website Kickstater to raise the public since its establishment in 2009, four years to open the project to raise the public more than 600, but the total funds raised in accounting for 8400 of the total project funds 33%. In the online world, known as a citizen interstellar space simulation game since the start of September 1, 2012, the congregation raised since, as of 2015 has been raised to $77000000, or about RMB 477000000, and the project to raise continues, so the amount is also growing. but in the domestic, the domestic game all the chips but fell into the trough, and other foreign commercial mode, the game all the chips from the same The climate does not suit one. problem in the Chinese. To raise public development earlier in Europe and the United States, game player is willing to pay for the game, but also to raise public projects to a single game, the environment is conducive to independent developers to share their ideas and launched to raise public. The domestic game development by developers led to pay for the mainstream, props, operation issued by the channels to control the game works, mode of production to module, innovation, and creativity is launched to raise the public’s game is the most attractive place.