Original title: Fuyu admit shantytowns false: a reporter asked demolition area officials said can’t remember CNR Fuyu April 28 news (reporter Ren Mengyan) according to voice of China "news late peak," reports, these two days, voice of China reported Fuyu, Jilin Province, a demolition project, movements households unable to move to the new premises of the problem that buy Cheap Nike Air Max 2010 Womens Shoes online because developers Decca Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. and i like Cheap Nike Air Max 2010 Womens Shoes Fuyu local government preferential policies understanding not dispute. In the interview, the reporter also found that the transformation of the project,
Kids Nike NBA Star Shoes there is a plot of land is not shantytowns, but in the name of shantytowns, used as a commercial development. Fuyu City Housing Construction Bureau admitted that the original is included in order to scrape together the higher level of government issued shantytowns indicators. The so-called "primary" plots, who is to develop? What is the reason behind the incident? 2007, Jilin Province, in order to effectively improve the urban low-income residents of the housing conditions and living environment, issued a document, decided to use two years time i like air max shoes to concentrate on the county (city) urban shantytowns. In accordance with the documentation requirements, in the same year on March 30, Fuyu County Government introduced "(Draft) plan of the urban shantytowns (block) on the" and submitted to the c
Mens Dennis Rodman Shoes Black Grey Yellowounty approval of the National People’s Congress, on the same day, Fuyu County People’s Congress approved this plan. According to the index in 2007 in Jilin Province and Songyuan City issued to Fuyu County, buy Cheap Nike Air Max LTD Womens Shoes online the first batch of shantytowns, a total of 10 million square meters, three plots of, one of the pieces, by investment to the Decca Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. responsible. Decca company chairman Jiang Yongku reflect to the reporter, the original shantytowns, Decca block is divided into two, into the "Decca" and "Decca" block, which "Decca" pay by Decca company development, and "Decca" gave a name "Xingyuan Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. enterprise. Why is the block named "Decca", but to other developers? Fuyu city housing and urban and rural construction bureau deputy director of the Qing Yuan Yang explained, "Decca" plots although were included in the shanty towns transformation plan table, but not the shanty towns. "At that time the studio to change the office director is retired now, I understand, is then explained, province
Kids Nike Air Max Shoes at that time to meet more than 10 million square metres to be included in the plan inside, these add up to less than 1 00000 square, near the it (phase II) go out." In accordance with the Qing Yuan Yang, deputy director of the said, this "Decca Er Xiao Qu had to complete superiors issued shanty area reform index and dine together in the. According to Fuyu County in 2007 issued a document, total demolition area of 130000 buy air max shoes online square meters. Among them, "Decca second cell" demolition area 18200 square meters, if not the count the "dine" plots, the rest of the demolition area reached 11 million square meters, has exceeded the Fuyu year shantytowns demolition mission area of 10 million square meters. Have overfulfilled the task, how about there? The face of the reporter’s questioning, Yang said the first deputy director of i like Cheap Nike Air Max LTD Womens Shoes the county data are not allowed, then again, he can not remember. Reporter: 137100 minus 18200, but also more than 100 thousand out of the ah? Deputy director Yang: at that time, three blocks
Nike Air Force Ones Shoes seems to be 9 00000 square, not to 10 million, was as if it had been written is a block to reach 3 million Pingcai, contiguous more than