peony and other flowers

Yesterday, 13, Beijing flat high-speed out of the direction of congestion in Beijing. Jinghua Times reporter buy Cheap Nike Air Max 2010 Womens Shoes online Pan Wang perturbation of the original title: municipal park today ushered in the first temporary limit yesterday, "51" holiday, in sunny weather kicked off, the city’s 11 parks and gardens museum visitors 53 million. Today’s municipal park will usher in the peak passenger flow, when the core area to reach the maximum carrying capacity, will be the first to start the temporary limit measures". Traffic, Beijing yesterday, the 11 high-speed road congestion, the new international exhibition shows the impact of the i like Cheap Nike Air Max 2010 Womens Shoes Beijing Beijing highway leading to the blocking direction, blocking the six ring in the morning. The increase in the amount of tourists in the garden botanical garden, from 70% of the
Kevin Durant Shoes reporter learned from the city park management center, as of 3 pm yesterday, the city park and Garden Museum on the first day of a small holiday, 11
Nike Air Force Ones Shoes tourists 53 million. The top three are the Tiantan Park, the zoo, the zoo, the Beijing botanical garden. In addition, the Beihai Park, the number of visitors, Zhongshan Park million passengers, an increase of more than last year increased by more than 20%. From the distribution, the Beijing zoo, botanical garden has become a popular tourist attractions, the zoo’s growth rate is obvious, visitors in the garden in the amount of tourists also increased
Mens Kevin Durant 8 AAA 15112608 by more than 70%. i like air max shoes Five one long holiday period, the Beijing botanical garden 800 kinds of World Parks, peony, peony and other flowers, to bring the visual feast. In addition, the exhibition and the 20000 strains of Ranunculus Xiangshan park. This is known as "the flower of the poppy flower", in other parks in the city is very difficult to see. Taoranting Park Avenue South Dongting Lake is planted chrysanthemum, violet, yellow opera, petunia flowers 2 million to 30 million pots, with a total area of 668 square meters. Visitors to the south, quiet and comfortable. Limit flow five minutes to ease congestion, according to the city park management center is expected to. Today, the municipal park will usher in the peak passenger flow, when the core area to reach the maximum carrying capacity, will start the temporary limit line measures, this is the first time the city park to ease the use of measures. In response to the arrival of large passenger flow, the city park in the 8 largest load center announced in advance of the 10 parks. City Park Management Center relevant responsible person said, at the same time close to the maximum buy air max shoes online load carrying
Kobe Bryant Shoes capacity of the number of tourists, first of all, will take measures to expand and, in the famous scenic spots, indoor exhibition area, Garden Island Tourism ramp, many important bridges, creating 34 one-way amusement park through the line, the import and export management and special adviser. If the expansion measures can not be implemented, visitors can not ease the situation more and more, will take temporary measures to limit. "Expected passenger flow peak will be the first time today. Restrictions on the short term limits buy Cheap Nike Air Max LTD Womens Shoes online of the palace gardens, municipal i like Cheap Nike Air Max LTD Womens Shoes parks in the core area of the region, the general continued for five minutes to ease traffic congestion. "Today’s optional" cold landscape garden city park management center suggested that most visitors today to avoid the peak garden, we can choose the high comfort of the garden "do not welcome, Leng wang". Only in this way can we save queuing time, avoid people’s flow, get comfortable, watch and watch a person. Such as the the Summer Palace, you can avoid the Orient House door, beigongmen, South Stream, Simon