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Original title: cancel the hospital morgue funeral service in our province vigorously promote reform of funeral and interment, formulate and implement cancel hospital mortuary funeral service center of the leadership of the new
Merrell Shoes initiatives: new cultural newspaper – New Culture Network in recent years, our province to earnestly implement the
Kobe Bryant Shoes guidelines and policies of the state funeral reform, deepen the reform of funeral, advocate good, effectively reduce the funeral masses burden, to guarantee the basic funeral service leading. In order to regulate the funeral, my province canceled all city and county of the 252 hospital morgue, and 57 funeral service center, centralized management is our province to cancel the first province implementation of hospital mortuary funeral services, the province’s funeral service center. Funeral and burial infrastructure is an important and basic livelihood projects, is an important place to provide funeral services. In order to support the development of the funeral industry, the provincial government invested i like Cheap Nike Air Max 2010 Womens Shoes 8 billion 600 million yuan from 2013, transformation of the province’s funeral infrastructure, greatly improving the collective burial environment, received a good effect. 45 period, the province will actively raise funds for the transformation of funeral infrastructure, in order to fundamentally reverse the current situation of funeral facilities (equipment), to meet the
Mens Kobe Bryant 10 Flyknit Shoes 150924052needs of the people’s buy Cheap Nike Air Max 2010 Womens Shoes online funeral. 2012, the province’s 20 funeral service promotion services, and announced a comprehensive specification of the funeral service charges. 2013, funeral and interment leasing the provincial Civil Affairs Department of specifications and requirements, comprehensive and standardized funeral service and management, and guide rational consumption of the masses, induced consumption is strictly prohibited, not in violation of any form of voluntary principle, split, or compulsory services and charges, on the
http://ccoc.cmes.tn.edu.tw/modules/profile/userinfo.php?uid=134640 recommendations of buy Cheap Nike Air Max LTD Womens Shoes online the implementation of the service requirements, and emotional funeral is to ensure full respect for alleviating the burden on the masses and funeral expenses. The fundamental interests of the people, in November 2011, the provincial Civil Affairs Department, the Provincial Department of Finance jointly sent a basic funeral service fee for urban and rural residents notice, the system involves up to 2 billion people. From 2012 to 2015, the province’s total of nearly 70 thousand people were killed and funeral expenses of about 70000000 yuan, lower costs, agency costs of nearly one thousand yuan. Will gradually expand the scope of the national relief and relief, increase the disaster relief programs, improve disaster relief standards for the early realization of a comprehensive funeral policy. The province will vigorously promote the ecological funeral Festival, in order to promote the development i like Cheap Nike Air Max LTD Womens Shoes of green funeral. Since the
Lebron James Shoes beginning of 2010, Changchun City for six consecutive years buy air max shoes online to carry out the public cemetery, now ashes buried at sea scattered distributed a total of more than 2000; Jilin City Jialong Cemetery ashes ashes buried flower degradation, lawn burial, ecological cemetery and recovery; Yanbian through propaganda and guidance, combined with each year nearly 30% ash "blasting" and national customs (i.e. cremation leave no ashes), so as to realize does not retain the ashes, in the ultimate goal of the reform of the funeral system. Liaoyuan City, and actively explore the eco cemetery burial ceremony, the government will be public tree burial memorial park construction adult 2015 Huimin engineering, investment of 80 million yuan to carry out public tree burial cemetery construction, now has 28 member states publicly i like air max shoes appointed public tree bury their dead relatives. In addition, between