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Original title: foot shop female technicians confessed to Lei Yang hit the aircraft "family members said has been submitted to the autopsy for Beijing News News (Reporter Lin Fei ran) Lei death mystery attracted much attention recently. 5 November, in the morning, Beijing police, the latest bulletin said, Lei Yang incident night to pay 200 piaozi in foot store prostitution, was arrested after twice tried to escape, and bitten by the police and the camera equipment knocked broke, in back to review the way unwell hospital treatment. Pedicure shop technician said was Lei Yang hit the aircraft at noon today, someone’s foot store a female suspects accepted the Beijing TV station to interview. Dialogue is as follows: ask: he was wearing the suspect: wear black. Q: how old are the suspects: about 30 years old?. Q: speaking to you?, glasses did not wear glasses? Female suspects involved in the case: wear glasses, I i like air max shoes asked him do you care? He said big, OK, then I’ll give him hit the aircraft Q: you by simple communication between the two of you, by your experience, this person is not been to or often go, you feel? Female suspects involved in the case: he should be a little, less clear I anyway… Q: do you feel these words he i like Cheap Nike Air Max LTD Womens Shoes said…… Suspect: I asked him you live it, and then he said no, it took buy Cheap Nike Air Max LTD Womens Shoes online a few seconds…… Question: very i like Cheap Nike Air Max 2010 Womens Shoes simply, the suspect: Well, he left when he asked me to have a back door, saying
Mens Kobe Bryant 11 Shoes 160111071 that, I go back door, he said a word, I did not hear clearly, so to speak…… Q: do you have a back door? A: there’s a woman in the back door…… Q: did you tell him about the suspect: I didn’t tell buy air max shoes online you, I just opened the front door, you go, I told him so. Beijing News yesterday visited several involved Street foot shop, found a number of foot shop were "kidney maintenance", "kidney essence care" and other business, the price at 200 yuan. One technician told the Beijing News reporter, the so-called "kidney health" is actually for customers to fight aircraft". Said the family has been submitted to the autopsy for May 11 am, Yang Lei’s family said in a news release, Lei Yang case attorney has been officially to the procuratorate and the public security organs to submit report to the material and autopsy for pro belongs to May 21, 10 when about 30 points received a phone call the Procuratorate, will be on May 11 of application materials for the buy Cheap Nike Air Max 2010 Womens Shoes online autopsy
Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 31 Women confirmed. Issued by the judicial organ judicial identification for commissioned at the end of the book, can entrust appraisal institutions autopsy an autopsy will be in today and tomorrow under the supervision of the third-party experts. Lei Yang family, said the Changping Public Security Bureau of micro-blog bulletin pointed out that the procuratorate has been involved, but the family and lawyers do not know the extent of the prosecution involved in the prosecution. Family members said, currently on the case still has 3 questions, including: Lei Yang died in the time, place and the reasons for the specific process in the
Nike Air Zoom Structure 18 Women end is what? Why the police station in 2 hours of the incident to contact their families, rather than Lei Yang death for the first time? Lei Yang phone information by who and for what purpose is deleted? At the same time, Lei family also said
Nike Air Max 90 JCRD Women that want respect for the dead and support to the families of the deceased, please the truth before, not for speculation and read too much, also hope that the clues and contact. Editor: Wang Haocheng the key words: Leiyang foot store technician