more is represented as a public crisis communication. In the panic of the parents

The WHO for the vaccine incident sound Shandong vaccine incident 2 days of continuous discount kids air jordan shoes fermentation, and discuss related problems triggered by the ongoing cycle of friends, scraper, sustained
Lebron James Olympic Shoes Women release of public anxiety. Recently, Premier Li Keqiang made important instructions on the illegal operation of the i like air jordan shoes men vaccine series. Instructions pointed out: "the vaccine safety incident caused public concern, there are many loopholes in the regulatory aspects. The flow of the food and drug administration, health and Family Planning Commission, the Ministry of public security strengthen coordination and the "vaccine" and use of timely respond to the public concern, to investigate the severe against illegal and criminal acts, shall be prosecuted for related dereliction of duty, responsible for the severe will not tolerate. Informed of vaccine safety risk is very low, released by the World Health Organization representative office the 22nd informed said, has recently to the Chinese vaccine event, the World Health Organization will wait for the investigation results were released, ready to provide support for the health sector in China. Bulletin i love jordan nubuck men of the World Health Organization says the vaccine should be properly kept and management effectiveness, otherwise it will lose its validity or discount lebron james website reduced. It is important to note that the vaccine was not properly stored or expired almost no toxicity, so in this case, the vaccine safety risk is very low. The risk of children is the lack of the ability to prevent disease, which is also the purpose of vaccination. The World Health Organization’s understanding of China’s expanding immunization vaccine vaccine is safe and effective, that has wiped out the poliomyelitis and neonatal tetanus, make our country vaccine preventable diseases in a i love cheap jordans wholesale lower level, the report said. WHO encourage Chinese parents to protect their children against disease by conventional vaccination. Doubts about their own costs, there are different Shandong vaccine events triggered by the vaccine safety crisis, in fact, more is represented as a public crisis communication. In the panic of the parents, many people once again played the slogan of refusal to vaccination, a separate vaccination, the vaccine has also brought disaster to the fish. So this Yinyefeishi choice is rational? The 2 problem is that the cost of the vaccine does not hit the line it? What kind of person should play? What kind of children only need i like lebron james 2016 the vaccine immunization program can be, and how to choose the parents? To solve these problems yesterday, spark next to the Beijing disease prevention and control center
Lebron James Soldier 6 (CDC), deputy director, told the Beijing Morning Post reporter, in different provinces in China for a class of EPI vaccine division, based on national immunization program, the people’s government at the provincial level can according to of local government and local public total health needs ability and improve the type of vaccine immunization program. For example, influenza virus subunit vaccine has not been included in the national immunization program, is the second type of vaccine; but in Beijing, influenza virus subunit vaccine to enter local immunization program, before the flu season, free of charge to live above 60 years old in the elderly and students inoculation. Although some developed countries
Lebron James Olympic Low Top Men have been included in the vaccine immunization program, but in our country because of the lack of reliable epidemiological data, at this stage, so it is not included in the first class of vaccines. Overall, the current Beijing City, a kind of free vaccine is range of many countries "action". If you choose the two types of vaccine, according to the physical condition and economic situation of the family children do seedlings