Liu Huafang Baidu hundreds of starting crossborder electricity supplier is a popular field in 2015

Liu Huafang Baidu hundreds of starting crossborder electricity supplier is a popular field in 2015, Prime Minister of the government work report repeatedly mentioned in the going out strategy of crossborder electricity supplier has been given high expectations, in the explosive growth of tuyere. Drive way, such as the Internet under the national strategy in the area, more and more regional free trade zone pilot in China, policy is increasingly clear, the crossborder electricity supplier development opportunities ushered in the best period. lynx international in 2014 February on the line, Jingdong global share in 2015 April on the line, Jingdong purchase overseas early pilot crossborder electricity supplier will be fully upgraded to switch to the global purchase platform. Just one year, the two major electricity supplier giants in the crossborder electricity supplier layout has been in full swing, seize the crossborder electricity supplier outlet dividend. due to cross border, cross language and other special scene, the crossborder electricity supplier than ecommerce model usually is more complex, there are great differences in the various commodity management, customer service, warehousing and logistics services and other sectors, even Jingdong, Tmall two giants, a new pattern for crossborder electricity supplier is also a process of meticulous and longterm. is the same as the crossborder electricity supplier, a huge difference model global purchase Jingdong and lynx international crossborder electricity supplier is take the platform model, the difference is: the former is the overseas direct mining open platform, which is a pure platform model. From the supply chain point of view, lynx international is bonded delivery mode, Jingdong global purchase the goods, bonded goods, the bonded set three modes of overseas direct mail. Lynx international management mode of supply chain is more simple, the stress is concentrated in the merchants settled Jingdong there; global purchase mode requires very precise management, supply chain pressure shared by Jingdong, businesses. international lynx to pure platform mode, take the high technology service strategy, the overseas direct mining Jingdong self open platform model, the technical service fee is low, from the platform operating mode, lynx international platform is to ensure that they will not lose the global purchase, Jingdong is to ensure that businesses will not lose business philosophy, differences between the two platforms is quite large. foreign direct mining model may be Jingdong killer, Jingdong relying on independent B2C started to self, self Jingdong in supply chain management has accumulated the core competitiveness, foreign direct mining is Jingdong replicate their B2C proprietary legends in the field of crossborder electricity supplier, will also become the Jing Dongquan ball purchase experience competitiveness. Tmall international adhering to Ali light mode concept, basically impossible is also very difficult to achieve overseas direct mining, therefore, Jingdong global share in grab the scale at the same time, will enlarge the experience advantage. posted along Jingdong, tmall holding tree fly the two companies Jingdong Ali business philosophy has been relatively large differences in temperament, also has the very big difference, the play a lot of different nature. From the early to sniper Jingdong lynx and extensive management style, lynx international is likely to grab market share and relatively extensive management for high growth, and Jingdong due to always adhere to the weight.