listed on the United States

listed on the United States, is the ultimate dream of the domestic Internet companies. Even he can’t resist the temptation, Alibaba listed really let it go to the pinnacle of life do not win Bai Fumei also can become rich generation. But for some of the domestic Internet companies, after the successful listing, the face is the roller coaster volatility journey, not only won the biggest development space, but more type micro. This among them, fast thunder is best represented. all the time, the thunder’s share price let investors are worried, even if there is Lei Jun in behind is not stable people. As it turns out, investors are right to be worried. At present, the thunder share prices have people on rooftops around. And there is a great relationship between interference and its products, the thunder enterprise characteristics and external factors. stumbled and fell! The thunder current too horrible to look at in March 12th, the thunder announced as of December 31st 2014 fourth quarter earnings, the stock quickly into $6.4, far below the $12 IPO, is listed on the peak dropped more than 60%, the current market value of only about $444000000. Thought it already fell to the bottom, did not expect the thunder does not live up to continued the downward trend. by USA Eastern time March 18th closing, the thunder stock price is only $5.94, a record low since listing price. Calculated in accordance with the stock price, the company market value of only $412000000, down 76% compared to the highest. According to statistics, as of December 31, 2014, the thunder have cash, cash equivalents and shortterm investments totaled $433700000. The cruel figures show, thunder market even as its holdings of cash and equivalent value! in general, the market will always be several times, and even dozens of times, hundreds of times the actual value, but the thunder but with bloody figure to let people see clearly the present situation how bad it. Trapped in a quagmire unable to break out, the thunder’s share price also fell in the space! development potential of small external interference in thunder did so poorly in the capital market, and the characteristics of the product itself has a direct relationship. All along, the thunder download is to accelerate the technology as the basis, to attract users to buy membership subscription service. But this method is too single, facing the trend of the development of the Internet change rapidly, is powerless. And the main competitors of QQ cyclone, as long as the QQ members can be used offline download, thunder services more attractive than even if not so strong. It is more important in the current domestic broadband upgrade background, accelerate download attractive to users is not so strong. but it seems that the thunder did not realize this, but is become aggravated to launch related products. Recently released the official version of the Internet, the thunder accelerator,