Lin Zhihe blog level points: level access: time 20160219 15:48:36 started to enter the market on the dilemma stage

Lin Zhihe blog level points: level access: time 20160219 15:48:36 started to enter the market on the dilemma stage! Shanghai refers to the market this week shows Dikaigaozou trend, rose 3.5%. In the preganglionic Bo mentioned i love jordan nubuck men festival market continued to rebound probability is big, main basis is built in red in February, so far, the February rose 4.47% temporarily exceeds the average increase in the history of 3.3%, investors can pocket for security can also share right appearance signal, rely on probability to operate. Read 20160205 introduction after the Spring Festival, the market will continue to rebound. Shanghai refers to the market this week, showing an overall trend of a slight rebound, weekly closed up slightly, holiday effect of fermentation, optimistic approach, bearish outlook’s departure, the week trend placid, enhance the effect of discount lebron james website Fortress Besieged in the market, mood is relatively stable, but market confidence is still insufficient. Technically, Shanghai Composite Index fourth day standing on the 5 day moving average above and since the current round of adjustment for the first time for 4 consecutive days station in above average on the 5th Reading 20160129 15:08:38 catch in the magic in front of the hands? The stock index plunged
Glow in the Dark Jordan 11 White Purpleagain early this week the market trend, until Friday before a rebound, although Zhou Benbo believes that the market shock before the weak, but the unilateral downward trend still than expected. But when, All sufferings have their reward. In the market after serious oversold, the market will usher in a full year the most amazing red in February, blog has written ten years, red in February the Bo is every year to i like lebron james 2016 be mentioned, because he is in the history. Reading 20160122 introduction holiday effect or restrict the market rebound Stock index this week, the market basically in shock pattern, in 2850 points early near began to build a platform, the market volatility
Glow in the Dark Jordan 11 Men or no down, earlier this week rebounded sharply, intermediate fell sharply on Friday and continue to counter, the fluctuation is not reduced shows that the market is mainly by shortterm funds, in addition to the external market fell sharply discount kids air jordan shoes increased volatility in the domestic market, making investors view on the outlook of the swing. Reading 20160115 15:18:05 concerned about the stock can go out of the double bottom shape!
Glow in the Dark Jordan 13 Men The stock index this week, the market continues down the pattern, the venue of funds to kill more and more, the market sentiment and confidence. On Thursday near 2850 interval after part of the bargain hunting money involved, but the amount can not significantly i like air jordan shoes men enlarged to the i love cheap jordans wholesale market brings some worries again Friday showed repeated situation. At the present stage, fell sharply after experiencing a shortterm, overall market risk has been released to some extent, reading 20160108 15:16:51 on Wednesday. After the crash will face the process of confidence reconstruction! Stock index this week, the market re emergence of
Glow in the Dark Jordan 12 Men version 3.0 of the stock market crash, policy errors trigger system risk, the fuse of the launch did not play the role of stabilizing the market. On the contrary, increase the market volatility, especially in two tranches of the melting point of the space is relatively small, resulting in the magnet effect, in fact, this and read