lift a finger is a big business

lift a finger is a big business, such as payment garbage collection, which have been able to reach millions of scale in American community returns. will be the buyer seller relationship to garbage collection, this is a more effective than donations public model. lift a finger is a big business, such as payment garbage collection, which have been able to reach millions of scale in American community returns. from American Patrick and Ron is advocating global paid pay people to do environmental protection. Reward every support recycling, recycle your rubbish into a transaction behavior, in order to completely solve the continuity and initiative people active recovery. As early as 10 years ago, was still Ford Fordham law school student Patrick MBA in Columbia combined read high school classmate Ron, proposed the renewable Bank Recyclebank scheme: paid pay residents do garbage collection. The scheme submitted by: Patrick and Ron in the entire garbage collection link, sorting and recycling the link directly buried substitution, directly determines the recycling economic. The World Bank global waste management report shows, to 2025 global trash annual output will reach 22 tons, per capita 1.4 kilograms of garbage generated every day, if the landfill disposal of these solid waste, the cost will be $375000000000. In the current USA Philadelphia as an example, buried 750000 tons of garbage generated every year residents, at least need to pay up to $40000000 in spending. if the use of paid pay for this scheme, the treatment cost per 100000 tons of garbage collection, you can drop to $3500000 from $7000000. Moreover, each recovered 1 tons of waste paper can be recycled paper 850 kilograms, each recycling 1 tons of plastic bottles may regain 0.7 tons two grade raw material, can effectively called waste resource reflux production link, and can effectively help the government save maintenance of environmental public health budget. renewable bank can not only reduce the waste treatment costs, but also can effectively stimulate the local consumer market, to encourage more market forces in the city environmental construction. In Patrick seems, garbage collection is not only concerned by the government category, many NGO organizations and large companies, such as USA enterprises 500 strong allied waste industries Allied Waste Industries, Starbucks and Home Depot Home Depot, will cast a large sum of money in the disposal of refuse every year, but the waste treatment is not effective. So, Patrick and Ron will be pleased to do these environmental protection enterprises into the renewable Bank Recyclebank mode, which has become the most important renewable bank content: they give every household community placement with RFID label by RF signal automatic identification of target object, and access to relevant data. Technology of renewable resources recovery bucket or GPS. Weekly with RFID detection device of garbage back