leukemia. We write the rural health culture wall &quot

Data figure: Liu Weizhong, director of the Gansu health and family planning commission. Original title: April 2016 12 National Health Planning Committee in a regular press conference transcript time: April 12, 2016 place: the Xizhimen area office 2 layer 1 news release hall host: Mao Zedong’s national health plan Committee Propaganda Department Director Liu Weizhong, guests: Gan Su Province health and Family Planning Commission Director Mao: Good morning, everyone, thank you for our today’s regular press conference. Today, we are particularly pleased to invite Liu Weizhong to the director
Air Jordan Shoes Women of the Gansu municipal health and Family Planning Commission, the introduction of Gansu health promotion, as well as the development of Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine in cooperation with foreign countries. The question before,
Carmelo Anthony Shoes please first director Liu makes a brief introduction of the situation. Liu Weizhong: Mr. chairman, dear journalists, I first introduce the situation of health care reform in Gansu. Health reform in Gansu except to conscientiously implement the National Health Planning Commission requirements and promoting Sanming City experience, there are several characteristics. First of all, Gansu medical reform, in order to reduce the patient’s goals, promote health care reform, promote the transformation of health care reform. Last year, a reporter asked me, he said, when i like Cheap Nike Air Max LTD Womens Shoes the reform of public hospitals is difficult to see a doctor i like Cheap Nike Air Max 2010 Womens Shoes when the doctor,
Mens Hardaway Shoes 141027051 the doctor to solve the expensive. If the patient is not reduced, it is difficult to rely on the change of Hospital Department of internal medicine treatment to solve, more and more patients, how many i like air max shoes doctors can? Medical and patient relationship is the supply side and demand side, the medical industry is not suitable for market economy, in other words, medical treatment is a market failure of industry, medical treatment can not
http://societalnetwork.com/index.php?a=profile&u=clavelink9 when the industry do, but health can do the industry, for example, is the Ministry of health sports, you can do industry, health, food, medicine and these can be done on the industry. If you do not think of ways to reduce the patient, the hospital alone to reform, you can not solve the difficult and expensive medical problems. How to reduce the patient? We take five measures: first, careful investigation and intervention. From the beginning of 2013, the annual selection of the number of people affected, the medical burden of five people, the cause of the disease and intervention measures, the organization of experts to investigate a year. In two years, the whole society has buy air max shoes online initiated the intervention of five diseases. If the first intervention of the five diseases, diabetes, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, kidney disease, leukemia, five kinds of
Penny Hardaway Shoes diseases in Gansu have 1 billion 300 million people’s life. This is more than 13 million people sick to solve, the doctor is difficult". For example, leukemia. We write the rural health culture wall "," two Gansu leukemia less, because the annual cost of more than 20 million leukemia, leukemia and so little, Gansu medical treatment is difficult and expensive "also eased. Therefore, the annual survey of five, now has three years of buy Cheap Nike Air Max LTD Womens Shoes online investigation, which is a method of reducing patient. Liu Weizhong: two is a kind of disease. Gansu city is a software feature spectrum of a disease, each month, three months, how many people queuing statistics, monthly discharge of disease spectrum. Gansu City, the disease spectrum of ranking effect is very big, reduce the number of patients. Liu Weizhong: the third is to promote buy Cheap Nike Air Max 2010 Womens Shoes online "Three Village", is to reduce the patient. We first used "a disease such as diabetes, a wall wall, I