Laotie_kejishuo the day before yesterday released music as mobile phone

Laotie_kejishuo the day before yesterday released music as mobile phone, and music as a super TV this year will also impact 300400 million units sold, has been questioned as the existing sales channels can carry as terminal sales plan, and yesterday as LePar summit held soon, in order to find the line partner in all parts of the country through the music of equity incentive mode. Strength is not big, according to the disclosure, LePar partner of three years of music as holding 5% stake in the company, in 2022 the market value will reach 85000000000 yuan. LePar is not simply a partner system in essence, it is a new business model, namely O2O C2B congregation raised multidimensional, a set of user experience service to buy, and the music market assessment and feedback in one. smart appliances personalized development can not be ignored in line has become one of the major home appliance category electricity supplier transformation of late, in addition to the traditional dealers rely too much on traditional line under the sales agents, more important reason in the particularity of all electrical products, the logistics cost is too high, relatively high, more important is to the line experience is poor, the user of all the electricity purchasing habits not yet fully activated. The current members online sales is passable, iron brother believes that the main reason for the different enterprises in different development while selling electrical appliances, but did not have the essential difference between products and some parameters for reference, in a sense you still remain in the standard products or semi standard time. Along with the change of and all electric especially in television technology, television manufacturers for different understanding deviation. If you observe, music television, millet TV manufacturers and Internet companies and traditional products in product marketing have obvious differences, such as the layout of ecological resources is relatively mature, music as TV advertised himself as a complete set of large screen Internet Ecosystem, millet is a costeffective hardware entry describes himself as a young one of the first television. with the Internet company’s resources and the layout of the arrangement, the difference between smart appliances will become more and more obvious, the product will be the standard semi standard becomes the pure personalized products. The problem with this is the user to purchase goods without reference, this also will be the traditional online sales platform in the next individual sales of home appliances in the short board. except large appliances, other Home Furnishing intelligent hardware will be the direction of personality development, for the next line experience needs will be significantly enhanced. therefore, the layout of the future of smart appliances will become more heavy line of sight channels, LePar is the obvious example. Plan LePar and traditional agents around the difference lies, through equity incentives to make over the channel to exclusion principle will focus on resource use for music. This is also the subversive transformation of traditional agency model.