Jingdong brush single event has in the past period of time

Jingdong brush single event has in the past period of time, although anecdotal discussion continues, mainstream media such as CCTV also began investigating reports shop brush single problem. In April 11th, American Forbes website published an article about this event, that Jingdong brush single exist for a long time will cause the panic of investors. Iron brother also believed that, as a great concern in the American China listing Corporation, so as to encourage businesses to brush single the consequences of adverse reaction in the capital market has only just begun. business bottleneck is Iron brother had been analyzed, Jingdong encourage brush single root in the contradiction between the third party merchants and Jingdong self born irreconcilable. Based on the flow of resources under limited resources, focus on the Jingdong nature is to shop for third party merchants, but if you want to get traffic to continue in the Jingdong must promise Jingdong conditions, exposure of the chat records can also see clearly, only a single brush Jingdong officer when will give some relatively good flow of resources. Jingdong self mode while the service, logistics and other aspects of control, but because of its business model is too heavy, reproduction ability is poor, the third party merchants played the role of cash flow. 2014 year, Jingdong direct business gross profit rate is only about 7%, while the open platform business gross profit rate as high as 70%. Among them, in 2014 Jingdong Jingdong straight battalion and the third party transactions, respectively, 159300000000 yuan and 100900000000 yuan, respectively, up 70%, 217%. The third transactions total turnover accounted for 39%. Jingdong brush single exposure of third party merchants and Jingdong self contradiction, also told us, after the brush single stop working, as Jingdong provide cash flow yield will be reduced by third, which is Jingdong the already heavy revenue to cast a heavy shadow. , a crisis of confidence as a public, especially in the integrity requirements of high USA area, Jingdong the brush single company also brings the serious crisis of trust. Jingdong himself called brush single for the industry unspoken rule, non Jingdong an original, this is obviously a little confuse the public. Jingdong brush is the essence of the official encouragement, imagine a listing Corporation staff encourage fraud is what nature? This is the essential difference between brush and platform vulnerabilities merchant spontaneously. USA capital market is very high for the requirements of good faith, study the market will be the research object of corporate integrity. An official encourages fraud companies in the capital market is difficult to obtain the trust of American. if then again brush single broke the news, American mechanism will be questioned Jingdong prospectus figures, cast doubt on the ability of its revenue. Not surprisingly, Jingdong should be prepared to meet the challenge now is to prevent the expansion of the event. But for a long time the third party merchants are suppressed emotions are sometimes difficult to heal, once the recurrence of similar incidents, Jingdong face collective action time will come. or Jingdong turning point of development had Jingdong including Liu Qiangdong’s, with the rapid growth Jingdong reason about Jingdong mode, recognize