jiaomou in 2004 feeling chest tightness

jiaomou in 2004 feeling chest tightness, shortness of breath, to eat nonstop to imitate people around cough. 2007 found abnormal behavior, hospitalized in a hospital in Beijing, a diagnosis of schizophrenia, longterm medication therapy, has developed into the beatings and destroy, is then to the hospital for further diagnosis and treatment. amp; coke, female, 23 years old, patients in 2004 sense chest tightness, shortness of breath, cough eat without stopping to imitate the people around to show. In 2005, the attention is not centralized, not in a daze, do not love to go out, and mother quarrel. In 2007 found abnormal behavior, pull the neighbor valve core, steal pot, hospitalized in a hospital in Beijing, the diagnosis for the spirit of schizophrenia, was improved with olanzapine for three months, after discharge refused to take medicine. 2008 recurrence after re entering the hospital, a diagnosis of double bipolar disorder, i like air jordan shoes men lithium carbonate, sodium valproate and risperidone treatment, have certain effect, but later the patient strongly reduced withdrawal symptoms and relapse. amp; recently the main symptoms parents does not meet the
Jordan 12 Nubuck Red Black needs of their own material on the beat, destroy content, don’t stop to parents promised vow to love her, many words, grumpy, like to exaggerate their own, like dress, like a boyfriend. The oral citalopram, Si Ruikang, Depakene, tandospirone capsule treatment. Now and then to the hospital for further treatment, our hospital with bipolar disorder hospital i like lebron james 2016 income. what are the symptoms of bipolar disorder? How to be diagnosed? amp; we can from the mental state of patients to be judged, bipolar disorder patients often discount kids air jordan shoes can’t concentrate lasting, vulnerable to the influence of the external environment and i love jordan nubuck men transfer; enhance memory, disorder and changeable; attack is very serious, patients extreme agitation, brief, fragments of auditory hallucinations, behavior disorder and point
Jordan 12 Nubuck Men to no purpose, accompanied by impulsive behavior; also can be conscious obstacle, illusion, illusion and discount lebron james website thinking not coherent
Jordan 13 Nubuck Men wait for a symptom, said delirious mania. Most of the patients in the early stages of the disease is the loss of insight. amp; the mental state performance in specific emotions for the day to feel good about themselves, in high spirits all day, triumphant, a nonstop, boozy, impractical contents fine, often busy, meddlesome, in order to attract the eye excessive grooming themselves. Public uproar Quchong. But change
Jordan 11 Nubuck Men unpredictably, emotional instability, sometimes good, sometimes excited rage. patients with jiaomou mental state examination: conscious contact can, no abnormal orientation. There is no obvious thinking disorder, attention disorders, speech content i love cheap jordans wholesale had no obvious ideas. No hallucinations and delusions. General intelligence examination is normal. No apathy, degree of politeness family decline. Irritable mood, instability, irritability, anxiety, suspicion, no obvious depression, fear and forced performance, no will decline, less personal interest, life is lazy, do not do housework, unable to work, personal health fair. After admission, examination and treatment can still fit. Have some insight about disease, but that he did not need hospitalization.;