Jiangmen Daily reporter Yang Huimin in recent years

Air Jordan 3 Winter Style Men Daily reporter Yang Huimin in recent years, network reading is becoming more
Air Jordan Winter Style Shoes and more common. In the face of many scholars and experts traditional media in death and literature to die sigh, we should look at what kind of attitude? In the massive reading information, how to select suitable content? Yesterday, the city was known as the most understand a woman’s heart is the new generation of women writers Ai Lin guest China Jiangmen network, to
Air Jordan 1 Winter Style Men their personal experiences and insights, with the majority of users discuss discount lebron james website online reading the impact to the traditional reading this topic. She uphold the i love cheap jordans wholesale style, sincere friendship, innovation, many enlightening views. amp; [about life reading to change the fate of the peasant women amp; I can grow to like this today, whether it is a man or a sensible, but also whether it discount kids air jordan shoes is work or writing, and reading has a complicated relationship. When it comes to reading, AI Lin’s thoughts suddenly flew back to 20 years before. I was born in i love jordan nubuck men the countryside, home not a book, can only be caught and read out what, really is sharpening the head to find books to read. Remember the primary school grade five, the neighbor’s b
Mens Air Jordan 4 Winter Style Black Grey Redook I almost by reading. He took a cousin of the modern Chinese history textbooks, after reading the direct consequence is, my first year at a junior high school in the city of middle school historical knowledge competition, first prize. And at that time, we learn that to help do the housework at home, I was assigned to the work
http://www.wzhuaweishoes.com/bbs/boke.asp?0gc1xr.showtopic.6358.html is to geese herd, when I to the top of the field of geese herd, while reading, so that the geese, cattle lost later, I scared to cry. AI Lin said, reading to her seems like bread, is an instinctive demand. Although when I was a child, she did not understand why the reading, also don’t think one day will because read and benefit, because reading is much more i like air jordan shoes men and writing, because writing and change the destiny, but the fact that: reading, really can change a person, change your life. Change a person, is refers to the intrinsic; change life, human existence is the world of physiognomy, secular see your social position. When it comes to read the specific effects on her. For example, she said: as a woman, Jane Eyre, gone with the wind, Resurrection, Anna Karenina on my female personality formation has i like lebron james 2016 a great influence, my current character strong, brave, persistent and steady, adhere to certain traits, and the heroine of the book has a profound connection. And more practically speaking, of my character influence the greatest writer Sanmao, her experience and those honesty words guide me out of the autistic, to find the confidence, true self, firmly pursuit of a dream. amp; [on reading] opposed to allow all people to read the Classics amp; for how to choose to read the content, AI Lin said, she recommended first masterpiece. But she also said opposed to let all people to read the classics. AI Lin said, the classic masterpiece time after filtering, after generations of reading. A classic Ji Min