in the cooking process

in the cooking process, Coffee beans only 2% is used, few people know the residual 998% otherwise by last December, famous lingerie brand Vitoria secret Victoria’s Secret London lingerie, sexy supermodels, beautifully designed underwear, gorgeous stage effect, let the secret of the Vitoria brand once again become the world’s hottest topic. Prior to this, from the Taiwan environmental protection textile brand Xing as early as in October has been the bulk order, become the key of supply chain on a ring. Singtex industrial founded in 1989, is a commitment to R amp; D and production of functional fabric of professional textile company. For most people in the industry, for having heard it many times is Coffee yarn of their products. In addition to Vitoria’s secret, Nike, North THE NORTH FACE, Puma Puma and other sports brand is its loyal customers, from the current three customer orders to occupy total battalion to close 35% 2013 Hing mining. if you see its soft, breathable fabric with a single touch, it is difficult to imagine, such star products actually taken from discarded plastic bottles Coffee slag and. 50 year old mining industry chairman Chen Guoqin was born in a family of textile. While mining the initial creation is only a small factory producing quilts, but Chen Guoqin’s ideas make it home from Taiwan small companies become the world’s first developed Coffee slag textile fabrics enterprises. It made use of Coffee slag clothes, wear in the body can not only realize the effective perspiration, also has the sterilization and cleaning effect. Take this, mining not only had USA, Germany and Switzerland three International Invention Exhibition Gold Award, more harvest 5 and Coffee slag related patents. development Coffee is one of the world’s most popular drink. According to statistics, every day there are 1000000000 people around the world Coffee Coffee drinking, and also become the world’s second largest commodity futures trading. People like the mellow aroma and the drink Coffee brought refreshing effect. But few people know, in the cooking process Coffee beans only 0.2% is used, the rest is Coffee slag 99.8%, few people have realized Coffee slag also have other purposes. 2005 years, Chen Guoqin and his family to drink Coffee in Taipei Starbucks, Mrs. Chen Guoqin noticed that the clerk had Coffee slag used in the kitchen to taste, then make fun of to Chen Guoqin said, if the Coffee slag daub finished in sports people, if will not have the smell of sweat. It is this joke inspired Chen Guoqin R amp; D Coffee yarn desire, in Taiwan, a day can produce Coffee slag 40 tons, if the effective use of these raw materials, will be a very good business. The value Chinese inland and Southeast Asia textile enterprise rise, because both the human cost is more than the Taiwan low. Therefore, had to sacrifice quality to reduce costs spell market many textile enterprises. But, to reduce the quality of the Chen Guoqin plan will be