illegal medical practice

Original title: private hospital frequency burst the door, the relevant departments are also responsible for
Blake Griffin Shoes Hohhot Xinhua, March 26th (reporter Tang Ji) recently, the Hohhot Municipal Planning Commission was informed that the three private hospitals to the penalty problem. Government leaders and punish Hohhot Ping’an hospital, Fuxing Hospital media exposure, urban beauty hospital. There is no hospital surgery because, in surgery patient complaints, beating her patients, the media exposure, the relevant departments to immediately investigate, from an example to check the other that is worthy of recognition. However, there is i love jordan nubuck men such i love cheap jordans wholesale a serious problem, the authorities in discount lebron james website the announcement of the results, because if it did not do anything, seems to have become the "justice" detachment, but not too much. At least, there are three problems to be considered: first, the private hospital, "chaos", if the daily supervision departments have not been found, is not supervision? If the timely detection and treatment, this is what a discount kids air jordan shoes terrible, even in the operation stage of blackmail, and even beat the patient. Secondly, there is no registration of the doctors and nurses, to question the existence of false propaganda, illegal medical practice, so much of the routine examination, examination and
Lebron James Soldier 6 Men approval of qualified, Cengcengbaguan, how can let the hospital easy to muddle through. There is no "only charges not management" problem? Third, in addition to regulation, private hospitals in the same industrial policy can not create a fair, healthy development environment for their development? Hohhot private hospital industry management confusion, the people’s suffering, hatred, strong reaction. However, Rome is not i like air jordan shoes men built in i like lebron james 2016 a day, the problem is not a very short period of time. Only
Blake Griffin Elite Shoes Men from the survey results, as of March 23rd, 350 private medical institutions were examined, and ordered to correct 139, accounting for as high as 39.7%. This number so that we can not but say: This is not a regulatory issue? No long-term laissez faire, lazy government lazy government, or the interests of the transfer? The "Godfather", we all understand a simple truth. Such a big problem in private hospitals, discipline inspection and supervision departments to check the relevant departments, is a responsibility. Editor: Kunqu sn117 article keywords: private hospital