Home appliance repair O2O can fire up

Home appliance repair O2O can fire up? Home appliance repair service individual needle O2O if only individual users, apparently unable to support the industry go farther. 2015415 O2O appliance repair can fire up? Wen Li Donglou recently ran a few period Zhejiang TV program I naturally talented crossborder venture capital, found that many outstanding entrepreneurial projects in the early have been concerned about, and even with the entrepreneurs have had indepth exchanges and communication. For example, the O2O project Manicure carved Lord beaver family and children, such as intelligent positioning shoes step 2015411 the war spread to the Apple Watch Maps application will continue to perform the Triwizard article Li Donglou Apple Watch will be listed. From the current exposure of the news, WeChat, PayPal, Sina microblog stars such as application become the first settled in Apple Watch. People somewhat unexpected is, Sogou map has become Apple’s official first invitation in application, 2015410 Lu Qi PK, the logic of thinking, two from the media performance art by Li Donglou micro signal: lidonglou recently, the logic of thinking and Lu Qi have an amazing view, relative to the two point: the former claims Party A shall shut up, the latter said: advertising must die. Two from the media V, with a 3950000 WeChat subscribers, a 30000000 201549 Internet, what exactly is a ghost? Internet will not repeat the mistakes of the thinking of the Internet for everyone, from the meat and potatoes of the people cast aside as a hot potato? 201544 in the love letter, what to whom? Wen and Li Donglou in April 1st, where the customer in Beijing Wukesong stadium held a theme of love letter of the spring and summer clothing conference. Although not to the scene to participate in the East, but in many of the media WeChat circle of friends, I more or less understanding of some in the conference information. It is as expected, released the 201543 App line of life and death: the importance of testing Li, as we all know, there is a recent called App suddenly became popular enough to remember. However, in an interview with the media, the founder of the said it was enough to remember encounter trouble. Because the user has surged, the product can not withstand the test, have a lot of complaints of users, many users of the products in the mobile phone 201542 Baidu cooperation and crossborder deal with cherry Wu behind the article Li Donglou a few days ago, Wuhan University is the Cherry Blossom Festival, however, for the teachers and students of Wuhan University, surging waves of Japanese tourists like cherry blossoms. However, this year the United Baidu large crossborder cooperation deal with cherry, this innovative approach has attracted numerous media reports, only CCTV platform behind 201541 Sogou serious joke, hiding what egg ? Wen Li Donglou today is April Fools’ day, Internet circle also ushered scheduled once a year on the national government. April Fool’s day Internet prank tradition started from America Silicon Valley. Yahoo!, Google Silicon Valley Internet Co 1