Executive Yuan&quot

Zhijun. Data figure original title: Zhang Zhijun discount kids air jordan shoes response Tsai ing Wen "goodwill" said touchstone [Global Times reported attitude i like lebron james 2016 in the "1992 consensus"] "goodwill response said, Zhang Zhijun, now Tsai ing Wen in the hands of the ball." Taiwan "China Times" reported on this topic, on the morning of 24, Zhijun, director of the office of Taiwan discount lebron james website affairs, attended the opening ceremony of the Boao forum for Asia, said in an interview before the media,
Lebron James Olympic Shoes Men said no comments. A good test is the "1992 consensus" attitude. Zhijun made it clear that China wants to hear Cai Yingwen’s answer to the question: what is
Lebron James Olympic Shoes the nature of cross-strait relations?
Lebron James Low Top Shoes Men Only to clarify the issue, the future of cross-strait relations to see clearly. In March 21st, the China Times published a front page interview with Cai Yingwen Cai Yingwen, said, looking forward to the mainland 5 & 20 middot; the opportunity to show kindness". Taiwan "Central Daily News" 24, quoted Zhijun as saying, "nine two consensus" is not a good touchstone. Continental goodwill has made clear, the two sides "nine two consensus", but also in the road of peaceful development, continue to promote cross-strait cooperation in all areas of attitude, attitude. In particular, the "nine two consensus", which is our principle, but also our good i like air jordan shoes men intentions. In particular, he said that the current cross-strait i love jordan nubuck men relations is an important time node, and now the ball in their hands. Zhijun said the 1992 consensus is good, Taiwan’s "Executive Yuan" an apple spokesman Yang Jiajun 24 response said, to keep the benign interaction, the common responsibility of the two sides of the Taiwan Straits. The two sides should demonstrate the wisdom of Taiwan "in the Canton news" reported. Taiwan’s "Economic Daily" reported, from the bottom of the Boao, ARATS President Chen Deming 23 morning to attend the Boao Forum for Asia said, in and between the government of Taiwan, such as cross-strait negotiation, communication skills, have been released in good faith. Both sides in the identity of the premise of the "nine two consensus", all of which are "identity card" or "in China, not the case of national relations. Key words: sn225 editor: Zhang Zhijun Chen Yan nine i love cheap jordans wholesale two Boao forum for Asia