everywhere large and small mound. Reporter recently found in an interview

Original title: less than 2 acres of land more than 50 Fen "get together" grain fields of thistles so "nibble" Shenyang Xinhua news agency, April 3 (Xinhua): less than 2 acres of land more than 50 Fen "get together" grain fields or so "nibble" Xinhua News Agency reporter Zhang Yifei small covers an area of a few square meters, covers an area of 10 square meters, and there are red brick Wai into covers an area of dozens of square meters of the "Yuantao grave"…… In a piece of land, everywhere large and small mound. Reporter recently found in an interview, Liaoning, some rural areas occupy farmland built tomb phenomenon has looked up, there are villagers and even need to around the grave". Although the civil affairs departments at all levels to take measures to control the "grave area", but repeated. Farming to grave package way mound encroachment on cultivated common Luxin high speed is Shenyang leading to the trunk line of the Inner Mongolia, Lu new high speed to the northwest direction into the Shenyang Xinmin Xinglong Town, near the, in 2019 the opening of the Beijing Shenyang high-speed rail
Blake Griffin Shoes Women passenger line bridge neatly in Lu new high-speed not far from the north station into a row
Blake Griffin Shoes II Men along. However, in the middle of the two highways, everywhere small mounds in the long flat farmland in. The graves and
Mens Blake Griffin Shoes II White Blue Blacksome scattered, some concentrated into a film, some tombstone handwriting has been fuzzy, some grave, can still be seen residual offerings. "Now farming had to give way to a grave mound." See reporters, the new town of Xinglong, a villager said. Along the new high speed to the northwest direction of the move forward, the same is not uncommon to spread the farmland. At the same time, in the vicinity of farmland and the emergence of some new graves. Only one less than 2 acres of land, large and small mound was more than
https://trello.com/haiklosterman8 50. The local village cadres told reporters that since 3 years ago near the barren hills are tomb filled, the villagers almost all ancestors buried in the land. In Ao Zhen Teng Haicheng city of Liaoning Province, also failed to escape the tombs of eroded land "". Teng Ao town villagers told reporters that the "grave area" or someone, but doesn’t seem to use what. "Before the annual Qingming, law enforcement team to check, is up to the grave pointed flattened, law enforcement team go villagers fill two spade soil to worship." Reporters saw the mound size each are not identical, small covers an area of 34 square meters, covers an area of ten square meters, even covers an area of dozens of square meters of the "Yuantao grave", with cement built into the house looked like, and then posted on a layer of white tiles, seems to have a miniature
Blake Griffin Shoes Men version of the "villa". Repeated "the tomb covers an area of" unexpectedly "psoriasis" the law of the people’s Republic of land management law "clearly stipulates," the prohibition of occupation of cultivated land to build kilns, graves. " Since 2013, the State Council, the funeral management regulations, the provisions prohibiting the construction of the tomb of the tenth areas, the first category is the arable land and woodland. However, the implementation of the actual effect is not ideal. "Fundamentally speaking, it is to change the concept of the masses so that the." Speaking of the tomb covers an area of repeated, Ai Wei, Xinmin City Civil Affairs Bureau deputy director said, these years leading the peasant civilization funeral strength no less. The city also set up a special funeral and integrated special working group, according to the principle of localization of funeral facilities management, from the city to the township and then to the village, the implementation of the responsibility. The town also set up special funeral information, such as the discovery of illegal signs.