director of the sports industry experts Bao Mingxiao said

last season, Tianjin women’s volleyball team won the p after last season’s league title embarrassment, China Volleyball this i like air jordan shoes men season released the Volleyball League business partners of public investment. In CBA League and Super League business sales of equity has hit the feast of capital after the price, the Chinese volleyball will catch up, at the moment this is the envy of the points a cup of soup? State Sports General Administration of sports management center of the relevant responsible person said, this time the League out of the open tender has 3 aspects of consideration. First, row tube center and League promotion CTV sports of Volleyball League 10 years contract will expire on 31 August, just the end of the season is a cover of the original contract last season, exhaust pipe center need to seek new partners. Second, seeking operational ability of the specialized companies to strengthen the market operation of the league is the reform of Volleyball
Lebron James 10 Elite Men League three steps walk first step, exhaust pipe center hope through cooperation to strengthen to the league’s packaging, promotion, including new media resources utilization. Third, the central inspection group in to the i love jordan nubuck men
Mens Lebron James 10 Low Top Sky Blue WhiteState Sports General Administration of inspection feedback, requirements specification on the events of the business activities, strict supervision partners, sponsors and intermediary companies bidding selection, the State Sports General Administration of rectification opinions also requires investment events need to be more open and transparent. the official said that during the cooperation and CTV sports, all rights to them. However, the latter in addition to solve the league title sponsor, packaging, promotion in the league discount lebron james website do not very good. He hoped that after the League to find new operational partners, the league’s packaging, promotion and dissemination of new media platforms can have a greater. p the official said that after last season’s league title streaking, row tube center consulting the sports industry, some industry experts, there are some businesses take the initiative to come to contact. In the open tender, the tube center will seek to maximize the value and i like lebron james 2016 benefits of the league as much as possible. according to the Chinese Volleyball Association issued a notice, the tender registration time for March 27th to March 7th. Drainage tube center official said, after receiving the material will be preliminary screening, and then by home to negotiate. the responsible person also said that the second step is to promote the reform of the
Lebron James 10 MYP Men existing volleyball club to develop into a true sense of the club, the introduction discount kids air jordan shoes of access system, the realization of free transfer of players. The third step is to allow the League to move closer to the professional league in due time. If the League investment can open a good start, will lay a good foundation for the followup of
Lebron James 10 Low Top Men the reform. p the State Sports General Administration of sports scientific research of Sports Social Science Research Center, director of the sports industry experts Bao Mingxiao said, and soccer, basketball league compared to the domestic volleyball, badminton, table tennis and other league a number of relatively weak, before selection of basic and central depends on the cooperation of the model. This mode of cooperation is mainly valued CCTV spread platform, with its promotion of the league’s i love cheap jordans wholesale influence and dissemination of force