director of the hospital’s ultrasound diagnosis

Pregnant women queuing overnight pictured: 14 afternoon 2:00, Wuchang hospital color ultrasonic room door Paihao of pregnant women and their families figure: about eight in the morning, in the days of color Doppler ultrasound, all completed Chutian
Lebron James Olympic Shoes Women Metropolis discount kids air jordan shoes Daily: my wife already pregnant 6 months with the original title: color, it is difficult to find and need to do color Doppler ultrasound examination. Heard Wuhan hospital obstetric ultrasound examination is very difficult to find a number of last week, I and my wife and I for the third day in a row, discount lebron james website not bright rushed to the hospital queuing, did not expect a lot of people than we have arrived early, of which there are many pregnant women. By the fourth day, we had to wait at 2 in the morning, waiting 8 points, to get the number in the morning. Now pregnant women do routine ultrasound examination, how so difficult? Mr. Wu the Great Wall in person at the scene of the pregnant women themselves at the door of the blanket clinic to line up overnight in Wuhan do obstetric ultrasound examination, it really so difficult? Received a reflection of Mr. Chen, < < > > reporter visited a number of hospitals in Jiangcheng, found that he did not exaggerate. 14, two am, the reporter came to Wuchang, a large hospital ultrasound diagnosis, found that there are more than 20 waiting seats are occupied, pregnant women and their families will appear folding chairs and blankets lined up. With the new pregnant women and their families continue to join, i like lebron james 2016 to 4 points in the morning, the queue has reached more than 40 people. From Guangshui Gexiansheng told reporters that his daughter already pregnant 24 weeks, and the local hospital to two three months of fetal malformation (commonly known as "big") ultrasound equipment, so he took his daughter to the hospital, even for three consecutive days did not discharged to the number. 13 evening, he and his daughter simply with a blanket on the i like air jordan shoes men floor, queuing overnight at the consulting room. Reporters at the scene learned that the case is not Mr. GE’s father, one morning to line up the pregnant woman or family, mostly from the field or the new city of Wuhan. Heard that pregnant before 26 weeks’ lines’ distortion must be done, I’m pregnant fast 25 weeks, so
Lebron James Olympic Low Top Men as early as 1 o’clock in the morning is from home, one hour taxi rushed out, i love cheap jordans wholesale "Ms. pan from Huangpi said her on the third day came to the line. To 5 in the morning, pregnant women and their families in the consulting room, a rough statistics, there are more than 70 people. A woman in a row for 2 days in a row, the early morning of the morning line up more. Morning 7:30, ultrasound diagnostic section of the door open, queuing i love jordan nubuck men up to the window registration. Less than half an hour, the large screen display, the day of gynecological color Doppler ultrasound has been completed. Each big hospital open enough horsepower is still difficult to meet the requirements of detection in Chutian Metropolis Daily reporter interview to understand, since the spring of this year, Wuhan launched the prenatal ultrasonographic diagnosis of 3 armour hospital, "a hard to find. On the one hand, pregnant women and their families because Paihao rush and angry; on the other hand, many hospital color ultrasonic room full load operation, doctors and some can not eat. Taking the provincial maternity and child care hospital as an example, the hospital has 30 sets of obstetric ultrasound equipment, ranking first in the province’s first hospital, from February onwards, including the Department Director, all 37 doctors to give up leave, still can not meet the needs of the examination." Obstetrics and Gynecology every day there are 500 color Doppler ultrasound, of which 400 need to make an
Lebron James Soldier 6 appointment in advance, 100 live line up to receive." Chen Xinlin, director of the hospital’s ultrasound diagnosis, from pregnant women, medical