but not a year or 2 years. Let us look at this years list

Original title: Chinese "happiest professional" came out, do you have? "2015 Chinese happiness index" survey, ranked the top ten career is: by freelancers, teachers, government officials, artists, ordinary civil servants, tour guides, owners of private enterprises, fitness coach, actor, entrepreneur. Freedom of occupation is to get rid of the enterprise and the company’s own management system. The teacher and the teacher is often compared to gardeners, candles, spring, soul engineer. Government officials, government officials, we often say. Among them, the well-being of the teachers in this industry has been ranked 4 in the top three. The most happy China professional teachers for 4 consecutive years ranked 2015 in the top three of the Chinese happiness survey, survey shows that teachers are
Kids Nike NBA Star Shoes free after the occupation, ranked second, occupation happiness. The teacher’s ranking is very high, but not a year or 2 years. Let us look at this years list! List is the annual "Chinese happiness index" survey, through this list can see teachers in recent years ranked in the top three, visible in most buy air max shoes online people’s eyes, the
Mens Nike All Stars Shoes Grey Blackteacher’s occupational happiness sense is very high. According to the "2015 Chinese happiness index" survey questionnaire, "ten main factors of occupation happiness" list is:
Nike All Stars Shoes happiness is not happiness, or have their teacher said. When the teacher happy those young heart: and children together, as a child; and students together; to the campus, the students sunny greetings. The most valuable sense:
https://profiles.wordpress.org/lloydmehdi9/ lead a child to realize buy Cheap Nike Air Max 2010 Womens Shoes online their dreams. Have a sense of accomplishment: students; students affirmed; many children love and respect, get the trust and gratitude of parents; students to use their own series of textbooks and on their subjects interested; students, social identity; the rapid increase i like air max shoes of student achievement; students can easily grasp knowledge, happy; student enrollment
Scotty Pippin Shoes rate is high. The most proud of is: students in the heart, classroom spontaneous applause; see the student to become a useful adult; learning community or industry seminars and activities, to participate in the hearing colleagues praise and trust their students. The most leisure and comfort: there are cold and summer; work rules; work orderly, stable, free vacation; physical and mental freedom, buy Cheap Nike Air Max LTD Womens Shoes online most of the time can be independent personality. The happiest i like Cheap Nike Air Max 2010 Womens Shoes thing: students learning; see healthy growth and progress of students; students to test out the good results; see i like Cheap Nike Air Max LTD Womens Shoes in their own positions of student achievement; to see the happiness of the family in a student; see a small successful students; class; for student counseling. One of the most romantic things: "the worst student to cook, gave me his carved turnip flower". The most touching thing: students remember; graduate students are very kind to call their teachers; students miss the teacher because of the phone, send text messages, or write e-mail greetings, express love and miss the teacher. (source: CCTV) responsibility editor: Zhao Jiaming sn146 article key words: career happiness