but did not hear the room was heard someone knocking at the door

The original title: MLM molecules mobbed the police injured nature 100 law enforcement officers seized MLM molecular 200 siege wounded the public security law enforcement personnel and property seized 200 hundreds of siege MLM molecules and injured property police law enforcement officers seized MLM molecules siege hundreds of 200 injured police law enforcement hundreds of financial property was confiscated 200 Xinan Evening News & amp; Anhui network (www.ahwang; nbsp;. Cn) news & nbsp; March 23, in Hefei Raycom nine heavy Jin area north
Blake Griffin Shoes gate, dozens of relates to personnel siege property staff transfer. Several police after receiving the alarm, was "anti violence law", 2 police officers were injured. Yesterday morning, multi sectoral discount kids air jordan shoes joint transmission in Hefei Shushan district public security team, industrial and commercial city, Raycom nine heavy gold Xiaoqu, law enforcement officers are divided into 10 groups, suspected of selling office rent uniform cleaning. According to reports, this is the Spring Festival this year, Shushan district to play the biggest role. [MLM pride] time: March 23 afternoon four events: sales personnel anti violence law "Raycom District 9 gold is corporate marketing activities affecting dozens of times, playing pass the law enforcement departments Mopai early residential property, some involved in the trouble of transmission characteristics of employees." Shushan District, Hefei City, Sichuan, the reporter said, Yang cebiao Office of the director, in March 23rd four am, more than 50 people
Blake Griffin Elite Shoes Men were transferred to the north of the siege of the staff of the property. Property, police, police at the scene to deal with the violence, 2 police officers were injured. Lotus police station, i love cheap jordans wholesale a person in charge discount lebron james website told reporters that 2 police were injured in the hand. What happened that night, the police have detained 5 people. Raycom nine heavily Xiao 14 residential areas, to ensure that the MLM dens each building is a failure, Shushan District transmission do law enforcement officers in action before, combined with the residential property, residential rental households street information integration and those suspected of MLM room number, registration, i love jordan nubuck men and residents reported MLM dens, concentrated area is marked, clear course of action. MLM molecules siege property wounded
Lebron James Soldier 6 Men law enforcement personnel hundreds i like air jordan shoes men of police seized 200 people [attack] time: March 24, inventory, in the morning, seven events: hundreds of law enforcement personnel inventory 7 am yesterday, Shushan district public security, industry and commerce, urban and multi sectoral joint Street area held Cesc, nine heavy brocade plot to thaw, followed by law enforcement i like lebron james 2016 officers are divided into 10 groups, respectively for each unit have a floor and suspected MLM dens inventory. Other personnel at the entrance of the various units, the underground garage, in the area of the entrance, once found suspicious people will ask, inventory. Reporters follow a number of law enforcement officers came to a suspected MLM shelter, but did not hear the room was heard someone knocking at the door, but not after ten minutes of stalemate, opened the door of the room. Law enforcement officers found that this is a Sanshiliangting house, the living room of the woman, in the face of law enforcement officers asked. Three silence. Law enforcement officers found 2 bedrooms and 2 other men and women are not. A middle-aged man said, seven people are friends, feet