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Lebron James 10 MYP Men and co sponsored by the third phase of the crossstrait college students’ cultural experience the Great Wall culture tour camp, in Hebei Province Qinhuangdao Shanhaiguan Tianxiadiyi off square at the opening ceremony on August 1, 2015. 30 from the mainland and Taiwan students gathered and will experience the culture of the Great Wall in the next 8 days in the depth of understanding each other. The following is the the Great Wall Association Dong Yaohui camp lecture excerpt. Dong Yaohui camp explain the Great Wall in Datong History everyone for the Great Wall, I believe that many students are prepared for it, see some the Great Wall related things. In 1998 June I with Mr. Li Zhao and Clinton climbed the Great Wall, it is not very hot, but it is also climbing, a sweat. The weather was fine that day, on the Great Wall, Clinton saw the distance, eyes clear, the sun is very good, he said, is what kind of motivation, support Chinese has to do this thing? at that time
Mens Lebron James 10 Low Top Sky Blue White I told him, I said it was a desire to fight, Chinese culture, we have a lot of contact, then what kind of a power to support the nation for thousands of years to do such a thing? Is a desire not to fight. the reason is very simple, the Great Wall of discount kids air jordan shoes people who can not carry the the Great Wall to fight other people, right? Don’t want to fight, will go to do this thing. Do not want to fight is not a matter of expediency? Is that I do not fight this year, next year will hit you or this a few years do not have a war, had this a few to hit you again? If just expediency, not invested so i love jordan nubuck men much manpower and material resources to build i love cheap jordans wholesale the wall, expediency is stroke stroke than meet this year, you can. Dong Yaohui, Clinton, accompanied to climb the Great Wall discount lebron james website , in fact, do not want to fight such a desire from generation to generation. From the cultural roots, such a desire to support, to the construction of the the Great i like lebron james 2016 Wall. this view with him Clinton said, he fully agree. p we accompany George W. Bush when, Xinhua news agency that a manuscript is our from the great wall down, then there is a large album, need him to sign a name, the general important guests are in the above message signature. George W. Bush he signed away. I stopped him and
Lebron James 10 Low Top Men he said, please i like air jordan shoes men Mr. President on the Great Wall to give peace to write a sentence words, the Xinhua news agency, but also made a picture, that is, we all rushed outside smile that a photo, Dong Yaohui asked George W. Bush for the the Great Wall inscription The reporter was in the middle of our reporter, every country in the world. When he told reporters said that peace is all people are willing to do things. When it comes to this, everybody happy, he came out of the picture. he signed the peace,