behind her little pink bag. In after-school time to rest

Original title: Hunan the most lonely pupils: only a person class didn’t mean Xinhua Changsha on May 1 – (reporter Shuai) on April 26 in the afternoon, the rain xixilili, the only class in Pingjiang County, Hunan Province Nan Jiang Zhen Wan Jia Cun million primary school second grade, a cutting head dolls of the little girl sitting in the classroom, i like air max shoes the classroom still put a few desks empty. A girl named Xiao Peng (pseudonym), 8 years old this year, is the only student of grade. Pingjiang Nanjiang county is located in the town of Hunan, Hubei and Jiangxi provinces at the junction. According to the Nanjiang district official Deng Zhong, Nanjiang district has 19 school districts and complete primary school, and 9 rural primary schools or teaching; tens of thousands of primary school is in a rural primary
Kobe Bryant Shoes school, a total of seven students, grade 6, second grade 1. There are 2 teachers in the school, which is 60 year old Li Chuiming and nearly 60 year old Huang Quanxiang. Huang Quanxiang said: "I am all under the first grade teaching package task class, Li Chuiming teacher was responsible for teaching the second grade students only." Deng Zhong said, "there are more than 30 students of thousands of primary school in the first half, then most of the students go, some to near buy Cheap Nike Air Max LTD Womens Shoes online Ma An Cun Ma an elementary school, and students to better conditions in the town center primary school." X
Mens Kevin Durant 8 150805029iao Peng part-time teacher class teacher Li Chuiming has held for 30 years in the tens of thousands of primary school. Li said, "I am 60 years old this year, next year after retirement, to change the teacher Xiao Peng, or she can go to the town center primary school to go to school, there are many teachers who can teach her." Afternoon math class, Xiao Peng sit quietly, behind her little pink bag. In after-school time to rest, she pulled out a laptop bag with a plastic cover textbooks, proudly told reporters that "the cover
Kevin Durant Shoes of the book is my own bag." "Aunt, I learned the lesson of chinese." Xiao Peng turn to "text" to the spring, fluently read a passage to reporters listen, read very attentively, and also very serious. "Excellent, that these words you write?" The reporter asked pointing to her reading text. "Ah, my Chinese, math, music, art, PE classes every day, Li is the teacher taught me." Peng Yi from the bag took out music textbook, she pointed to the textbook "123" (DoReMi), read "123", "I’m not going to these, if there is i like Cheap Nike Air Max LTD Womens Shoes a teacher taught me to sing the." "I read the first buy air max shoes online grade, there is a classmate, now read i like Cheap Nike Air Max 2010 Womens Shoes the second grade I was leaving. I think only one class is boring, boring." Xiao Peng told reporters. Miss Li told reporters: "grade small Peng Dusan will to learn English, tens of thousands of primary school and no English teacher, perhaps school district is responsible for people will arrange a English teacher come, or small Peng only to far some Ma an elementary school." 4 pm, Xiao Peng school, told reporters she returned home. Her home is
Lebron James Shoes about one kilometer from school. Xiao Peng’s parents to work to make money, she and her grandparents live, I walked home to more than 40 minutes, sometimes my grandparents will pick me up." Xiao Peng’s grandfather said, "I am too old to send her to school. And I know she’s alone in buy Cheap Nike Air Max 2010 Womens Shoes online class……" "Mom and dad what time to go home?" Reporter asked Xiao peng. "At the time of the new year." "Do you want mommy? Will your mother call you?" Xiao Peng did not answer, child