After years to know one thing

After years to know one thing, Taobao has given a Taobao oriented service of third party companies super data sent a lawyer’s letter, ordered to stop the platform operation, and to stop selling the company to Taobao membership products. It is understood, super data is there is competition between a business and Taobao data cube small company, its core function is to provide product data analysis for Taobao sellers, go is different and the difference of line data cube. Taobao shops 600, competition is intense, the data services in high demand, to provide users with highquality services, vital to the business development Taobao. Data cube for many years in this field without opponents, although this avoids competition, also avoids the innovation and product health evolution. But if the third party products to join defect can make up for the data cube, a supplement, which in the long run the data domain development also is significant, but Taobao is not recognized by third party intervention on Taobao data. has been the way, Taobao processing of data service, has been running a wavering Road, sometimes requires open, sometimes very closed
Mens Air Jordan 14 AAA MJ14AAA01. The data Taobao exclusive mentality is stronger, who in 2004 sent a lawyer’s letter to Yahoo!, ask them to immediately stop crawling Taobao data, and will have to crawl data destruction. On the other hand, Taobao but for others interested in the data, in 2010 issued a Taobao Amoy had resisted, was Jingdong mall site shielding price of its program Ruyi Amoy, Amoy but later on but a What one says is plausible. Jingdong attacked, and with an open and user experience requirements Jingdong name mall conform to the general trend. Now, Taobao and intended for an innovative small companies to take legal action, behind this a series of logic upside down behavior, it is not difficult to see that Taobao hegemony. Taobao accounted for an absolute monopoly in the market Chinese C2C, unique market position makes it have the rules and will explain the privilege. We can see that there are many third party applications in Sina microblog, in data analysis field, such as microblog situation, many third party developed products are better than the performance of sina microblog their data products. The essential attribute of the Internet or should be open, is of great benefit to the development of the Internet industry, everything just Taobao done in this area, let a person can’t associate it with an open Internet enterprise, more show its business oriented characteristics. in the past few years, Taobao fake everywhere, fraud, bad money drives out good, small sellers suffer. The face of challenge and blame outside, Taobao more often showed a helpless, but did not mention the help of external third party power mode, with open strategy will developers attracted to improve its platform construction. On the contrary, Taobao has at exclusive Taobao data from outsiders meddle and affect the user experience and interests, to small company under the pain killer, stifle innovation. The concept of big data recent years, only exists in concept, still need a long time to explore and research. But the age of big data has not arrived, the concept of speculation and