About : nine shares on the stock market investment taboo should not fry equity principle

About : nine shares on the stock market investment taboo should not fry equity principle, it was regarded as a classic, even stock analysts also talked about. Here are my ten years of experience in the stock market summed up the stocks of the bogey, may be incompatible with the speech of some analysts, welcome to explore. br a bogey is not see the market: a lot of investors don’t judge the market, analysts often hangs in mouth edge in a word regardless of the market stocks look. The market fell in a complete mess, stocks can be good to go. br Second, avoid investment value: a lot of stock analysts advocate the value investment, what is the value of the investment is to assign a stock holding a few years or longer. This year the best stocks do not represent the next year is excellent. This kind of investment and value investment as called called gambling, bet a stock performance has been growing more than ten years. br bogey blind hunters: there are people like hunters, the more bottom more copy more low bottom what where, hunters who must say not clear, if can say clearly wouldn’t be called hunters and called to buy. Those who st
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http://chnlyfx.com/news/html/?49193.html of re staged events: card board 26 released data show, last week January 18 to 22 new investors 36.33 million, compared with last week’s more 3.12 million, a stock market crash on July 24, 2015 years since a new high. Worthy of attention is that end 22 days, the total number of investors for the first time in more than 1 billion, up to 10010.13, the natural person 9981.48 have been open Ashare investors account 9911.79, has open Bshare investors account 238.06 million. However, the data also show that, when the week in the number i like air jordan shoes men of trading in a shares of the investment only 1610.26 million, compared with the previous week 1943.35 million appeared
Glow in the Dark Jordan 6 Men apparent fall after a rise, in May last year, data released since the lows. The final A shares held by investors for 51 million 377 thousand and 300 households, a slight increase from the previous week’s 50
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Glow in the Dark Jordan 8 Men than 50 million households, if you look at the present stage of the index of Shanghai stock exchange chip distribution, it should be is not difficult to draw the conclusion, the positions of 50 million households have basic line secure. The chips peak at 3600 points above the average at least i like lebron james 2016 20% more than simply the quilt. p however, this is not a shares in the history of first approximation or more than 1 million, by the end of May 2007, a shares is in the climax of the first phase of the bull market of 2006 07, when the total number of May 24, the i love cheap jordans wholesale Shanghai and Shenzhen two city account reached 9944.61