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Beijing Xinhua, June 27, Langya Mountain Five Dynasties prosecution Hong Zhen fast against libel case 27 of first instance verdict, responsible for the case the trial judge accepted the Xinhua News Agency reporter an exclusive interview. Q: in this case, the two plaintiffs and the Langyashan five. What is the relationship? Answer: the plaintiff Chang Sheng Ge Gefu Zhen Lin, the plaintiff Song Fubao songxueyi parent member of China’s
Nike Air Max 2013 Women Shoes war of resistance against Japanese aggression in the history of the famous "Langyashan five heroes". Ge Zhenlin died in 2005, Song Xueyi died in 1971. Q: the origin of the "Langyashan five heroes"? Answer: in the autumn of 1940, the Eighth Route Army launched the famous "hundred regiments", Shanxi Chahar river north area of military and civilian participation, to crush the Japanese army in the north of the Eighth buy Nike Air Max 2013 Women Shoes Route Army in the "cage" policy. Japan’s strategy behind the huge panic, the rapid demise of China’s conspiracy to bankruptcy. In order to consolidate the so-called strategic rear, from 1941 onwards, in the north of China, the Japanese commander Okamura organized several Japanese and puppet troops I Yixian, Laiyuan, Laishui and other anti Japanese according to the retaliatory attacks. In late September 1941, the Japanese in North China, gathered
Womens Nike Air Max 2013 150730053 3500 Japanese and puppet troops, was completed in the Langya Mountain in my according to iron wall encirclement, the encirclement, local people and government officials, non combatant of the Eighth Route Army of about 400 million people, combat troops only a group even seven. In September 23rd, the Japanese occupation of Yixian County Qi Cun, Nan Qi Cun, Hubei Tang, I start killing Japanese soldiers and civilians. As the buy Nike Air Max BW Women Shoes Japanese successful encirclement onslaught, 40 thousand Japanese soldiers and civilians were not told. At this juncture, my Jin Cha Ji military region first Army Second Army commander generals of the army on September 24, emergency command a partition group by two upper and lower AI tea village, two village, South suddenly key village, the elves launched violent attacks. At the same time, the three group headquarters rushed into the
http://www.hankavedenjahti.net/xmb/member.php?action=viewpro&member=LillaHarry Japanese puppet of the village and the village of Songshan village. The north of Taiwan, nine lotus mountain area, the Eight Route Army troops in the village thought direction and feedback. Due to the success of General Yang Chengwu "weiweijiuzhao" strategy, Jiulianshan shalingzi area appeared about twenty miles wide, the big hole, for the besieged in Langya, more than 40000 soldiers and civilians provides a rare chance to break
Nike Air Max BW Women Shoes out of an encirclement. In order to break the siege and cover, a high rain regiment ordered seven Japanese troops in Langyashan, and even prevented the attack from the south to the north. September 25, seven connected to the mission, immediately sent monitor mabaoyu rate of six types of Ge Zhenlin, careless Gezhen, Hu Fucai, songxueyi and machine gun class two soldiers, Langya Mountain Terrain positive blocking the enemy. buy Nike Air Max Lunar Women Shoes From the beginning of the battle of Langyashan. From the beginning of September 25th, the five heroes in the arms of the seven comrades in arms, the strategic position of Langya mountain and terrain difficult, with the Japanese and puppet troops launched a deadly battle. They used machine guns, rifles, grenades, mines, the rolling stones, Shek Mun, Yanwangbizi (sets) of trough a lot of killers, elf. Finally, with the
Nike Air Max Lunar Women Shoes war and go back to the board ridge, and even the seven main points. In order to ensure that all the troops of the seven breakthrough, even all the soldiers in the ridge board and the Japanese launched a fierce battle. The Japanese artillery hit the rock with the advantage of flying smoke. Seven even stubborn resistance, will not retreat, by virtue of favorable terrain, so that the Japanese hybrid ditch, suffered heavy losses. After several to