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the Mediterranean region the largest port city. We will also in Piraeus established science and Technology Park and other important facilities nearby.&quot

Athens news agency April 8 special telegram (reporter chenzhan Jie Liu yongqiu) China Ocean Shipping Group and Greece’s privatisation fund 8 the formal signing of the agreement, a in the acquisition of a majority stake in the Piraeus port authority. According to < signed by both parties; < equity transfer agreement and shareholder agreement, COSCO Shipping Group purchased more than 67% of the port authority shares. At present, the agreement also needs to be approved by the Greek parliament

leukemia. We write the rural health culture wall &quot

Data figure: Liu Weizhong, director of the Gansu health and family planning commission. Original title: April 2016 12 National Health Planning Committee in a regular press conference transcript time: April 12, 2016 place: the Xizhimen area office 2 layer 1 news release hall host: Mao Zedong’s national health plan Committee Propaganda Department Director Liu Weizhong, guests: Gan Su Province health and Family Planning Commission Director Mao: Good morning, everyone, thank you for our today’s regu

Engage in diplomatic preparation risk even in &quot

April 6th, former State Councilor Dai Bingguo to accept the "political" (micro signal: buy Cheap Nike Air Max LTD Womens Shoes online gcxxjgzh) interview, review the many details of his diplomatic career, talk about life after retirement. Dialogue: Dai Bingguo, born in March 1941st. Guizhou, Yinjiang people, tujia. Department of Russian language and literature, Sichuan University. In September 1964. 1973 joined the Communist Party of China in June. Former State Councilor and director o