2013929 five since

2013929 five since, Hangzhou municipal Party committee City Hall attaches great importance to the development of ten major industries, ten industries as the main starting point for economic transformation and upgrading. The city’s ten major industry has been sustained and rapid development, in 2011 and 2012 growth of up to 13.6%, the ten industry output value accounted for the rapid increase, effectively promoted the economic transformation and upgrading of Hangzhou. At the same time, the emergence of a number of strong comprehensive strength, the rapid pace of development, transformation and upgrading of industry, driven by the ten industrial enterprises significantly. at the beginning of the year of the dragon, a new industry and modern service industry focus on the development in the field of battle in Hangzhou, sounded the clarion call. Today, Hangzhou city held a meeting to promote the work of the ten industry development, clear objectives and basic ideas of 2012 industry promotion, also scheduled for this year in the District, county city the implementation of the 200 key industrial projects. ten industry focus on the development of Hangzhou, including the travel and leisure, financial services, ecommerce, information, software, advanced equipment manufacturing, networking, bio medicine, energy saving and environmental protection, new energy etc The Twelfth Five Year Plan period, Hangzhou City, county city two levels of finances for 20000000000 Yuan of funds to support the development of ten major industries. the development of ecommerce in Hangzhou has been at the leading level, known as the Chinese electronic business affairs, which Alibaba, Netsun, the country’s leading listing Corporation, there are nineteen buildings, bokee such at home has a certain reputation in the development of the enterprise, the more a large number of industry, area of electronic commerce website. Hangzhou will strengthen the construction of network integrity system construction this year, ecommerce and logistics industry alliance to encourage. to promote the leading group for the development of the ten industry office within the city to carry out the selection of 2013 year ten big industry in Hangzhou City, 300 key enterprises in Hangzhou City, and selected 300 key enterprises in ten industries, and 300 key enterprises as samples, to strengthen the monitoring, forecasting and analysis, development of the ten major industries of the city to the point, to promote the rapid development of the ten industry. is the 2013 annual list of the ten major industries of Hangzhou City, 300 key enterprises to be informed. In September 27, 2013, Hangzhou daily news middot; A14 wealth; edition.? Zhejiang Blog Information Technology Co. Ltd. and bokee is a provider of business social networking, social marketing, mobile Internet mobile phone app model of Internet and mobile Internet Co related services, its main products include business networking platform, social marketing website and the mobile phone version, and WeChat microblog marketing services, urban consumer mobile Internet application APP such as APP APP APP, hotel wedding wedding service stores, APP, and so on, and provides the mobile micro marketing solutions.