[2013] concern innovation company guide new gameplay: service brand of people this product into clothing shopping guide

[2013] concern innovation company guide new gameplay: service brand of people this product into clothing shopping guide, the field of business opportunities, but they are completely different. the Gu Junhua Technology expert is a Zhejiang University veteran flash, Ali, one is about clothes consumer media person. This is Sun Ying and Xie Xu on this venture couples the second entrepreneurial projects love map options. a lot of people would love to buy that map, mushroom street to do comparison and beautiful. Beautiful said with the mushroom street start from the C store Taobao shopping guide, mushroom street has now turned to the overseas purchasing. But love map purchase focus on a variety of clothing brand shopping mall, docking Tmall even brand clothing independent station. Love figure purchase to brand as the core, for those who love to buy brand goods girls ONLY, appeared in mall ZARA the shopping brand new, but also timely push these brand in the online discount to different themes, each brand products combined to carry out the recommendation. From this perspective, the purchase and the beautiful love map said, mushroom street market entirely different. business, and neglected opportunities? technology male Sun Ying students in Zhejiang University undergraduate and research are financial, but very interested in technology, he not only has a personal Flash technology blog famous, a book written by the Flash AS3′s road has been reprinted many times, also translated as the traditional version of the introduction of Taiwan. 2008 years, he as a technical expert is dug into the Taobao, then Taobao only 1000 much person. Until 2010 May out of it, he has been one of the original 18 product manager Taobao open platform PD, the earliest, that two years and accumulated rich experience. then he and the original work in the media’s wife Xie Xu experienced the first venture difficult, without introducing any investment, only by virtue of attention and interest, to make a 9RIA triads, which was the largest tour the page developer community. Because it is Tencent, Shanda and many other wellknown Internet Co value, and ultimately to the tens of millions of yuan to Sohu has a good swim. The first business success, let them confidence boost, the couples to look at the Internet female shopping platform. after the finished game developer community, they want to try the user more projects a greater value and entrepreneurship. The first entrepreneurial project is Sun Ying has been focused, while the second poineering project choice, but Mrs. Xie Xu has been like. 2011 years, they reached the female consumer shopping market, at this time, mushroom street, beautiful said has been very influential, market barriers began to appear. Thus, the earliest they made a graphic guide website called Tutu purchase. Tutu purchased the main clothing, shoes and bags with, and now some similar. But at that time basically selling the Taobao